You'll Never Guess What This Video Is An Ad For

Conflict. Suspense. Drama. These are the emotions that embody a Russian film by Grey EMEA about a young rhythmic gymnast who overcomes bullying to achieve her dreams. The video is heartfelt and emotional, and will strike a chord with anyone who has faced obstacles to reach heights that others thought to be unattainable. It's the unwavering determination of a little girl who grows up to be a competitive gymnast that drives this story, and reminds us what it feels like to be unwanted or unwelcome but persist and defy expectations anyway. Except this isn't a contender for the Cannes Film Festival, and it isn't a film short created for some nonprofit empowering women. This, it turns out, is a Russian Pantene shampoo commercial. And to be fair, her hair looks amazing, so I guess it's not that shocking.

The film was actually uploaded a couple of years ago on Grey EMEA's YouTube channel, but it seems to be making its rounds around the internet once more. According to the description, "5 million views of the film would result in 5 million rubles donated to young, talented rhythmic gymnasts." Well, the film still has a bit of a ways to go since it is currently at around 210,000 views as of Thursday night. Hopefully this second wind will turn it into a viral sensation so that donations can be made to young gymnasts.

But until then, we can enjoy the gorgeous cinematography, a lovely loop of Pachelbel's Canon (who gets sick of that piece?!), and the triumph of this determined dancer over these horrible bullies (and happens to have fabulous hair).

Images: Getty Images; Giphy