Duane Reade Will Fix Your Fashion Emergencies

True story: Just last weekend, I went bra-less to a wedding, and my jumpsuit's straps slid down and gave the church a front row seat to the nipple show. I can't tell you how many times I (and the world) would have benefitted from just a little piece of magic called fashion tape, but I had forgotten it at home. Luckily, this little mishap will become few and far in between, as Duane Reade is setting up mini boutiques in select stores with products aimed to help you avoid the most common fashion emergencies.

Duane Reade will supply 214 of its stores with a side panel in the beauty section that will contain products from Hollywood Fashion Secrets, a line of products designed to prevent wardrobe malfunctions. The mini boutiques will feature 13 of the top-selling products from the line, including fashion tape, portable eye makeup, and nail polish corrector, according to WWD.

The best part of this collaboration? It's meant for preventative methods and fixing emergencies. You can grab these products when you're strolling around Duane Reade, or when you've forgotten a beauty must-have and only have a few minutes to spare. A quick stop to a Duane Reade might just save your outfit (and in my case, my dignity).

Matt Goldberg, chief executive officer of Hollywood Fashion Secrets, told WWD, "According to our research, nearly 96 million women say they have experienced a wardrobe malfunction and would purchase solutions to fix the problem."

For a girl on the go, I'll probably be frequenting this Duane Reade boutique more times than, say, Chipotle. Which is a lot.

Images: Hollywood Fashion Secrets