You Can Now Get A Kate Spade Purse For $40

by Stephanie Chon

Michael Kors may be every teens’ It brand right now, but considering the fact that you can get a Kate Spade tote for $40 (no, it’s not a joke), we could be seeing more teens with Spade purses dangling on their arms. But they won’t be walking around with a new Kate Spade. The $40 purse is specifically for the throwback Sam tote in black nylon.

ELLE has pointed out that the ever-so-slightly used purse is available on eBay for that jaw-dropping price. Sure, it’s not from Kate Spade’s latest spring line and no, it doesn’t have her signature graphics nor her witty quotes, but this purse is a great everyday bag. Its simplicity makes it easy to dress it up or down. You can rock it in professional work settings or lug it to a family picnic. It’s also big enough to carry around your makeup bag, a tablet, lunch and even a water bottle. All your things will be easily tucked in with the tab, but if you prefer a zipper, you can get the "vintage" black nylon purse on eBay for $28.

I'm sure some of you may be a bit conflicted as to whether or not you should be excited about these low prices or suspicious, but just think of it as a great online thrift find.

Image: eBay