Blake Lively Shares Her Beauty Products With Ryan

Now that the world knows that stunning actress, model, and new mom, Blake Lively has a flawless post-pregnancy glow and isn’t afraid to age, I’m pretty curious about what daily products she uses, which is why I was so excited to read her interview with Allure magazine. In it, Blake Lively revealed her beauty secrets along with some of her favorite products, and although many would probably expect her to solely use the high-end stuff, it turns out she doesn’t. I love how down-to-earth and real she is. She even told Allure, “I do my own hair and makeup for a lot of events." She also opened up about some of the products she shares with hubby Ryan Reynolds.

Despite Lively always rocking her gorgeous wavy locks, she tells Allure she, “normally put[s] it in a ballerina bun." But in order to get her voluminous, beachy waves, Lively revealed her secret to Allure: “If I want it to be more full, I’ll first put in some mousse and blow-dry the roots up a little bit. When you take the bun out, you want to tease it with a big hairbrush to give it oomph.” Noted!

Lively also opened up about her go-to makeup must-haves. She said, “These days I don’t have time to put on any makeup, really,” which is understandable considering she’s got James to take care of, but she does, “cover the dark circle under [her] eyes,” and adds a little color by wearing, “L’Oréal Colour Riche lipstick.”

Perhaps the most adorable and surprising bit of the interview was when Allure asked Lively about sharing products with her hubby. To that, Lively said, of course! “It would be too strange for me to say, ‘These are my products.’ But sometimes I’ll have lotion or something, and he’ll be like, ‘Hey, don’t give this — I want the expensive stuff.’ ‘It’s the same stuff. I’m not holding out on you.’” That's too freakin' cute, amirite?

Check out Allure’s website for the full interview.

Image: Giphy