CBS Will Air 'I Love Lucy' Episodes In Color For A 1 Hour Special That Already Doesn't Seem Long Enough

If you haven't heard the good news yet, then I hope you're sitting down. On May 17th, CBS will broadcast colorized I Love Lucy episodes in a one hour special featuring the episodes "L.A. At Last!" and "Lucy And Superman." This is totally in keeping with the nostalgia trend of 2014 and 2015, in which most major networks are capitalizing on fairly the people's enduring love for shows like She's All That and Twin Peaks. There is both the nostalgia of people who actually watched these shows when they were on the air, as well as the nostalgia of younger generations who sense that they should be nostalgic for certain forms of media.

I Love Lucy is a nostalgia gold mine. Everyone who has watched an episode of the show feels a pleasant reminiscence of a lost era. Not only is Lucy escapist in a way that modern comedies like The Office and Girls are not, but it's truly funny in a way that modern comedies like Big Bang Theory are not. Watching Lucille Ball's cathartic and empowering physical comedy is not a guilty nostalgia; it feels as wholesome and healthy as a strong dose of Vitameatavegamin.

Of course, you can't bring back I Love Lucy for a reboot; all of its appeal was in the physical comedic presence of its now deceased stars. However, I'd be so happy to see more Lucy on TV (not just at 5 a.m. on TV Land). Luckily, CBS has picked some gems to air in May. Here's a nostalgia primer:

"L.A. At Last!"

This episode is all about the Ricardos and Mertzes in Hollywood. It features actor William Holden as himself, as well as Lucy's attempts to cope with meeting celebrities (spoiler alert: she does not keep her cool). There's some amazing physical comedy that will be great to see in color, such as the above scene, in which Holden turns the tables to see how Lucy reacts to being stared at (spoiler alert: she does not keep her cool).

Lucy And Superman

MrGooch2706 on YouTube

In another celebrity appearance from George Reeves (star of Adventures of Superman), Lucy and Ethel run into trouble planning children's birthday parties. Of course Lucy gets dressed up as Superman, and, of course, she meets the real Superman while in the costume. It will be great to see the costumes in color, as well as watch Lucy's cape troubles once again.

Image: CBS