What Happens After Cheating? 12 Bustle Readers Share What Happened To Their Relationship After Infidelity

I think most of us can agree that when it comes to relationships, usually, the biggest betrayal of all is cheating. Whether it’s you doing the cheating or you who’s being cheated on, infidelity is something that, for many couples, is unforgivable. A trust has been broken, and broken trust isn’t something that can easily be repaired.

Cheating statistics are hard to pin down, because most people don’t want to admit to doing it. According to one study published in PscyhCentral, the chances of someone cheating in their marriage may be as high as 25 percent. Another study published in Truth About Deception states that 30 to 60 percent of all married couples will cheat, and according to a study by the WSJ, infidelity is on the rise for those under 30.

While plenty of movies depict the excitement and drama of adultery itself, few deal with the consequences. Since cheating is such a common experience, we asked some Bustle readers to share their experiences with cheating — specifically, the aftermath. Some readers stayed with their partner, some moved on, and some were shocked when their partner was cool with their indiscretions. Some were the ones cheated on, and some were the ones who cheated, but all had to deal with the repercussions.

Here’s what they had to say.

1. Sadie, 27

2. Rachel, 28

"I cheated on my ex while I was in graduate school once. He said he didn't care and proposed to me after graduate school, but called off the engagement a few months later. He said he didn't love me enough to marry me. It caused irreparable damage to my self esteem, but we stayed together for five more years. Then I went to Australia and had an affair with an amazing man who taught me about kindness, healing, love. The following year, I ended things with [my boyfriend] Eddie.

"So I cheated twice, and we stayed together because we loved each other. But it seemed the way we loved each other ended up being very unhealthy."

3. Tanya, 34

4. Cate, 24

5. Kate, 30

6. Alexander, 29

7. Colleen, 30

8. Michael, 31

9. Emily, 33

10. Alexis, 28

11. Molly, 27

12. Sarah, 31

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