7 Places To Get Inexpensive Coconut Oil

To put it simply, coconut oil is bae. We've theorized on Bustle before that it could literally fix everything wrong in your life, however, finding cheap coconut oil is where the real problem lies. Unfortunately, we can't all live around palm trees, so I've created a list of 7 places to buy the product at an affordable price. Because we all deserve to have our lives improved by this magical product.

I have never been one to jump on beauty bandwagons just because a trend becomes mainstream, but the cry for coconut oil became so strong in my friend group that I got really curious. I had to try it on my skin and on my food and then on everything else. And now I'm totally hooked. Last week, when I ran out of my jar of coconut oil, I wasn't sure I was going to make it until my online order came the next week (I went as far to put it on rush delivery, which I never pay extra for.)

To protect from all future coconut oil emergencies, here's a list of places you can buy it at an affordable price, because your dependence on this miracle product shouldn't break the bank.

Vitamin Life

Health websites, like Vitamin Life, not only carry the oil, but you can also buy coconut oil supplements and some beauty products.

Organic Coconut Oil by Nature's Way , $8, Vitaminlife


Spectrum Naturals: Organic Coconut Oil, $7, Walmart

Of course, Walmart has you covered for all your last minute needs. If you find yourself in need of a coconut oil fix and STAT, you can find it there, along with coconut oil supplements and beauty products.

Bath & Body Works

Waikiki Beach Coconut, $5, Bathandbodyworks

It's not straight up coconut oil, but Bath & Body Works combines the oil with many other ingredients, like Monoi Oils, to create great-smelling lotions and scrubs that will not only take you to paradise for a short second, but will also repair your skin.


Finest Nutrition Coconut Oil, $11, W algreens

Much like Walmart, Walgreens has a medley of coconut oil products to choose from. If you're looking for coconut oil soft gels, which provide energy, essential fatty acids, and are gluten free, convenience stores offer supplements as well as cooking oils and lotions.

Kitchen Collection

Wabash Real Theater Coconut Popping, $10, kitchencollection

If you love coconut oil enough to include it in your popcorn flavorings, look no further than Kitchen Collection. This product is buttery and meant to make your popcorn taste like the stuff at movie theaters, but includes coconut oil. So that's makes it more healthy for you? Right?


philosophy Coconut Frosting Shampoo, $22, S ephora

Coconut oil is great in beauty products because it repairs so many dry areas, including hair. According to Sephora, this hair product will smooth and condition your hair.


Vita Coco Coconut Oil Extra Virgin, $10, Vitacost

This is the raw, real deal. Extra virgin, 100 percent, cold-pressed, organic coconut oil you can eat in multiple ways and use in your makeup routine. This brand also offers coconut water, FYI, so they clearly know what they're doing.

Images: Courtesy Brands