Does Drake Have A Sister? He's Shouted Out To His "Sis" Before, So What's Going On? — PHOTO

As all Drake fans know, he's a family focused kind of guy. Whether it's penning songs in dedication to his mother or inviting his father to make a cameo in one of his music videos, it's undeniable that the 6 Man's family has played a huge role in shaping him to be the artist he is today. And it is pretty awesome that he is not shy about letting the world know about his story, both the good and the bad, so some fans might be wondering if they'll hear about other members of Drake's family in his future songs. Specifically, some might be wondering if Drake has any siblings.

As it turns out, it has not been confirmed by any verified outlets or in interviews that Drake has any brothers or sisters. However, there have been rumors going around for some time now that Drake has a half-sister on his father's side. Interestingly enough, there is some evidence to support Drake this — from Drizzy himself! The rapper has posted a couple of images on his Instagram of a young woman named Raemiah Julianna, shouting out to his "sister" in the captions over the last year. Both of these photos tagged the user @raemiahjulianna, who unfortunately no longer is active on that Instagram handle.

Well, they certainly do make a sweet family portrait together if they are indeed siblings or half-siblings! And there is a hint of resemblance between them (you can't ignore that both of them have strikingly impressive eyebrows, for one). However, it is entirely possible that Drake meant "sister" in a friendly way, not unlike the way he says Nicki Minaj looks at him (sorry, Drake!). Maybe this is just someone who he grew up with and had the chance to catch up with after a long while. But there's another photo where he shouts out to the same woman that makes it seem like the two are related by blood. Check it out below.

It appears to be a throwback photo of the same woman, blowing out the candles of her 9th birthday cake. After you pause for a moment to say, "Aww!" think about the implications here. Why would Drake have a photo of a woman from her 9th birthday if she was not actually his sibling or half-sibling? Furthermore, why would he share it, with the same caption referring to the same account handle as his "sis" if that were not the case?

It is also worth mentioning that the Drake's thank you letter in his mix tape If You're Reading This, It's Too Late included her name (probably no easy feat to make the cut for!). Well, if she's not actually a sister, he's at least making it clear that he thinks of her as such. Hopefully we'll hear more about this mysterious Raemiah soon!