Thomas & Kathryn's Downtown Charleston House On 'Southern Charm' Seemed To Make Kathryn Much Happier Than Thomas' Plantation

A lot has happened in the lives of Southern Charm stars Thomas and Kathryn since the beginning of Season 1. They met, started a relationship, had a baby, broke up, got back together, maybe broke up again, maybe got back together again. It's a twisted web they've woven for fans, but that's the journey we signed up for when we decided to watch Charleston's elite, right? At the beginning of Season 2, we caught up with Kathryn and Thomas living on Thomas' plantation — the "boondocks" as Kathryn put it — but now, the Thomas and Kathryn are making the move to downtown Charleston, now that Thomas' campaign is picking up. And don't worry, Kathryn is much happier in her new home.

The new home, which the couple probably rented, is located in downtown, closer to people (which I would think Kathryn is the most pleased with). The address of the house is 29 1/2 Charlotte St., Charleston, which makes me think it was a carriage house that was converted into two residents, and since this is only a second home (in the same area) for Thomas and Kathryn, they don't really need a second plantation-sized residence.

The house itself is looks really nice from the outside — with the exception of that trailer in front of it — and judging from Kathryn's photos from inside, she seemed like she was a much happier Kathryn now that she was in a part of town that wasn't a million years away from people (the plantation).

The Home Made Baby Kensington Smile

Happy baby, happy mama.

The Home Allowed For Some High Fashion Photo Ops

I don't even care that this photo is kind of awkward, the surroundings are so pretty.

The Home Brought Thomas And Kathryn Together

Even though I don't know if that lasted very long.

If Not Kathryn And Thomas, Kathryn And Kensington

This picture is so cute that you basically want to move in and live in their new house with them.

The Home Is Where Kathryn Got Her Fall On

Her new home was obviously her inspiration for this very Pinteresting picture.

The Home Allowed Kensington and Kathryn To Cook Together

Kathryn chops the garlic, Kensington whisks the eggs... I'm sure that's exactly how it happened.

Images: Brianna Stello/Bravo