Vaseline Makeup Hacks For Cheekbones Like Kim K's

Move over, Kim K. You're about to be dethroned as Queen of Contouring. Sure, her Instagram filters are always on point, but the true geniuses of flawless skin and bone structure are none other than Old Hollywood starlets, who used Vaseline to perfect their complexions. Sometimes, ladies, the simple way really is the best way.

Kim Kardashian's makeup artist might have legendary skill when it comes to the contour brush. But Kim K hardly the first celeb harness the power of some powder, and many ladies before her have achieved the same dewy, unreal cheekbones, but with wayyy fewer products. Old time-y screen sirens used Vaseline to similar affect. Yup, Vaseline. Petroleum jelly has been in your grandma's medicine cabinet since you were born, but the over a century old product is what gave Marilyn Monroe her pearlescent complexion and Vivien Leigh those killer cheekbones.

These ladies would sweep Vaseline across their faces to get that lit-from-within dewy glow and to "achieve a soft, dreamy, aesethic," according to The Huffington Post. Since there was no Benefit Cosmetics' High Beam back in the day, highlighting and contouring were achieved the same way. Actresses would dab it on their cheekbones and browbones to spotlight their bone structure. Cinematographers would even rub the stuff on camera lenses to give the shoot a soft-focus, ethereal quality. Just think of it as the Instagram filter of yesteryear.

While all of that seems primitive now with just a click away, Vaseline can still act be one of the most versatile — not to mention, cheapest — products in your beauty arsenal (there's a reason it's stuck around since 1872, after all). Just check out these Vaseline beauty hacks below, then head over to your local drugstore and start stocking up on the goopey goodness.

Razor Burn Buster

Fun fact: The dude that first patented Vaseline would legit dump acid on his face in front of crowds of people, in order to prove that his invention could soothe burns. While I can't get totally behind that use, Vaseline is actually a skin savior in the event of razor burn and post-wax irritation.

For DIY Hair Dye...

Any at-home hair dye pro know this one already, but for the DIY dye newbies, slathering Vaseline along your hairline and on the tops of your ears will prevent the hair dye from staining your skin

Lengthen Your Legs

For legs that go on for miles, smooth a layer of Vaseline onto your shins to highlight those killer gams.

For Your Perfume


To make your scent last all day, dab Vaseline on your wrists and neck before you spritz it on. Your perfume will literally stick to the Vaseline and last hours longer than if you just sprayed it directly on your skin.

DIY Lip Exfoliator

For the gentlest and cheapest lip exfoliator money can buy, simply mix up some Vaseline with some sugar and rub the concoction on your lips to banish flakes.

Brighten Under-Eye Bags

The skin under your eyes is notorious for being dry and super sensitive. Banish under-eye bags and moisturize the area in the gentlest way possible by dabbing on a thin layer before heading to bed to soothe and brighten.

Eyebrows On Fleek

Swipe a touch of Vaseline on brows to keep them in place, or on eyelashes to make them pop and look ultra-glossy on the days you just don't feel like pulling out the mascara.

Baby Soft Feet

As someone who hates nothing more than falling asleep in socks, this one made me cringe but the beauty benefits just might be worth it. Rub Vaseline on your feet, before pulling on some socks and climbing into bed. You'll awaken with the softest of tootsies, no $40 pedicure required.

Images: jtidball/Flickr, classicfilm/Flickr,, (2), mel_storni/Instagram, Getty Images, manduhsaurus/Flickr, ms_sarahbgibson/Flickr, kylizzle/Instagram