'Southern Charm'ers At The Pound: Exclusive Clip

When I become invested in reality TV shows, I tend to become too invested in some of the cast members' lives. Such is the case for Southern Charm , specifically voice-of-reason Cameran Eubanks. Cameran is the one on Southern Charm who says exactly what we at home are all screaming at our TVs. Besides dealing with other people's drama on the show, Cameran also deals with her own personal highs and lows. One thing she's working through, currently, is putting off having a baby. Her solution? Cameran wants to get a dog, which is a decision I support whole-heartedly (even though my opinion doesn't matter). In the exclusive clip below, Cameran and Shep peruse the dogs at the local dog shelter and one poodle takes a particular shine to Shep. Cameran doesn't end up taking the rambunctious pup home, so we've taken it upon ourselves to help her figure out what kind of dog should she get.

When it comes to the breed that Cameran can get, the possibilities are endless. But one thing I think all Southern Charm fans know and recognize is that Cameran is fabulous, so she deserves to have a fabulous dog beside her (and her hubby). What makes up a fabulous dog? I personally think every dog is fabulous — especially mine — but I also think that Cameran deserves a famous one, like fellow Bravolebrity, Giggy Vanderpump. If Giggy isn't her style, don't worry... I've got six other popular pups that would be perfect for a woman like Cameran. But first, the first step on her journey to puppy love from Monday's new episode:

And her potential canine companions (in a dream world):

Giggy Vanderpump


It's no secret that Giggy is probably the most famous dog on Bravo (sorry Wacha Cohen — Andy Cohen's dog). If Cameran can handle a petite and a little high-maintenance pooch, then Giggy is her best bet. But she's going to need to allow a couple thousand dollars for his wardrobe.



Jiff and Cameran would be so great together because they are both polished. Plus, Cameran always seems to be smiling, and guess what, Jiff is great at smiling, too!

Toast Meets World

I also think that Cameran has a very accepting side to her, so a dog that might have a physical abnormality might be perfect for her. Just because Toast's tongue hangs out doesn't mean he isn't the most lovable dog around.


Another almost perfect pup for Cameran to hold in her arms is the almost fake-looking Boo. Boo and Jiff compete daily for the cutest Pomeranian, so I guess my only recommendation would be for her to get them both.



If small dogs aren't Cameran's favorite type of dog, may I suggest a heroic, medium to large-sized dog like Lassie? Cameran is always saving people's butts on the show, so it would only be fitting for her to have a dog that does the same.

The Queen's Corgis

STF/AFP/Getty Images

People respect Cameran on Southern Charm, she is the voice-of-reason. She doesn't get involved in drama, she's basically royalty. So why not get a herd of Corgis just like Queen Elizabeth? She can name each one of them after another cast member on the show, just for fun!

Southern Charm airs at 10 p.m. ET on Monday nights.

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