Who Is Cameran Eubanks?

by Lia Beck

Southern Charm has somehow managed to bring the dramz even with their unbalanced cast of a few twenty-somethings who love to party and a middle-aged former politician who... also loves to party. Ah, I get it! Get a group of people drunk enough and their chances of living up to Bravo's standards more than double. One cast member has become the person people go to when they need to talk about all the mistakes they made when they were drunk. I'm talking about Cameran Eubanks, Southern Charm 's resident normal person. She doesn't bring the tension, she helps relieve it. But who is this Cameran Eubanks? What qualifies her for the show? And why does she look familiar?

Here are some fun facts about Cameran to help clarify things.

  • She was on Real World: San Diego in 2004 and on that show she was also the reasonable, calm one. You know, rather than the one that hooks up with three roommates, gets into a bar fight, and is constantly hungover.
  • Building off of the success of these shows she was on... Girls Gone Wild ?! Um, sort of. According to the IMDb description of Girls Gone Wild: Wild World, "What happens when the hottest young stars of "The Real World" join us for a Girls Gone Wild tour? ... With our new twist, it's the stars that pick up video cameras in a challenge to shoot "the wildest footage," and when they do, things get really get insane!" Sounds intense.
  • She shops at Ross Dress For Less! Cameran gave a closet tour for Bravo's website and said, "Typically my shoes have a sticker on the bottom left over from T.J. Maxx or Ross Dress For Less." She also enjoys consignment shops and says that sometimes when people tell her "I had that dress!" she thinks "Oh shit. This might be that dress."
  • Her bedroom looks like a room at the Best Western. (See above video.)
  • She's 30.
  • Her family has been in South Carolina for ten generations. I think this means she could inspire an American Girl doll.
  • She likes Thin Mints as much as anyone else.
  • According to Bravo, she "enjoys boating or laying on the beach with a good book."

For more on Cameron, you'll have to watch Southern Charm. There could be a surprise twist where she goes nuts and becomes the drama causer, but more likely, she'll just continue to ease her costars troubles over brunch.

Image: Bravotv.com