Is Garrett Alive On 'Pretty Little Liars'? Mona Might Not Be The Only Faux Dead Body We Saw

The Season 5 finale of Pretty Little Liars completely floored me — for more reasons than one. Obviously, the crazy reveal that Charles DiLaurentis is A and likely Jason's twin threw fans for a loop, but perhaps the biggest jaw-dropper was the reveal that Mona, whom we saw die in the so-called "Fatal Finale" at the hands of A, was never dead at all. Now, a new People interview from creator I. Marlene King is hinting that Mona might not be the only faux-dead body we saw — and that we might need to prepare for a reveal that Garrett Reynolds could secretly be alive as well.

Think about it. Pretty Little Liars already broke the rules with Mona: Charles faked Mona's murder so he could lock her in a dollhouse and turn her into his own version of Alison DiLaurentis, which may be a fate worse than death itself. The reveal that Mona wasn't actually dead was particularly shocking, not because Pretty Little Liars never resurrects characters, but because it rarely does so after we've already seen the body — and we saw Mona's dead, gray body with our own eyes. Sound familiar? It will soon.

When asked to explain how Mona looked so dead in the trunk of that car, King hinted to People that there's more than meets the eye: "[Y]ou'll get a sense of that when we come back. That's kind of not the last time you will have seen a character seem to be dead." Umm, excuse me? WHAT? So these "#FatalFinales" are really just shorthand for "make everyone think you died but nahhh you're fine" finales? That got me thinking — which dead body looked like Mona's? Who had those same lifeless eyes and pale skin? It all seemed so familiar — and then I remembered THIS:

That's police officer Garrett, who was allegedly killed on the ghost train back in the Season 3 Halloween episode. Note the grey skin, dry lips, and wide-eyed expression. Then take a look at this:

Oddly similar, no? I assumed that was just how death looked on Pretty Little Liars, but now I'm not so sure it's that simple. King is notoriously cryptic, but it seems like she was suggesting that someone met a fate similar to Mona's, and Garrett is a prime suspect. Not only does his death face look an awful lot like Mona's, but he, too, was allegedly killed because A wanted him gone. The Liars may have gone to Garrett's funeral and seen his "body," but ultimately the same thing happened with Mona — we can't trust anything about death on PLL anymore.

Season 6 of Pretty Little Liars is promising plenty of answers, and now I need to know just what really happened to Garrett — I'm no longer completely convinced he's dead.

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