Zayn Malik Shaved His Hair & Pierced His Nose

Sorry, Harry Styles fans, but I’m team Zayn Malik—well, specifically team Zayn’s hair. He seriously can rock any cut and style as we have already learned from his blonde streaked and faux hawk days. This has never been proven more true than when Zayn debuted a shaved head today, but not just that: Zayn also got his nose pierced, according to People Stylewatch. Looks like someone was eager to change his look quick. I’m honestly diggin’ this new bad boy image over the pretty boy one I’m sure he had to uphold for One Direction.

Although it's probably shocking to One Direction fans, this new look all makes sense considering there have been plenty of rumors about him planning to go solo. He can’t be known as "Zayn from One Direction” forever, so I’m sure the single, silver-studded nose piercing and the buzzcut is all part of the plan to build up his own identity apart from his past boy band days.

Directioners, don’t be sad! As someone who’s been through this before with Justin Timberlake and N’Sync, I assure you that only good will come from this.

Image: niazkilam/Instagram