How To Nail Rihanna’s '90s-Inspired Sun-Kissed Look

Whether you're at Coachella weekend 2 or not, you probably still want to capture that warm weather, free-flowing fashion. And why not? Even RiRi's doing it. She may not be at Coachella anymore, but Rihanna's latest Instagram posts are channeling vibes from the fest she attended last week. The reason she's missing out on this weekend? Rihanna has a wedding to attend (ironically, on 4/20), so she left the festival a bit early.

If you've been stalking Rihanna's Instagram lately, like me, then you've been noticing a few things. Her new grill, her auburn hair, and this totally retro crop top that I'm in love with. The "American Oxygen" singer posted a selfie captioned, "aloha muthaphucka," in which she's wearing a lot of orange. And no matter how much I hate orange as a color (not the fruit), I love this photo.

Rihanna's wearing an orange striped top, orange sunglasses, and a deep plum lipstick, which you would think is more fall/winter, but matches fabulously with her entire spring/summer look. The lipstick is falling in line with her previous purple shade, but this time, it's a little less festival, and a little more badgalriri. Also, can we rewind and talk about her red-ish hair, though? It's totally fitting for the weather.

So if you want to get this new, '90s-inspired Rihanna look, I've got a pair of shades, a striped top, and lipstick just for you.

Retro Orange Shades

If you want to go way back to the most retro look of all, these shades are definitely the ones. The peachy color is a little less orange, and a little more spring. (Smash Vintage Sunglasses Marigold Vintage Deadstock Sunglasses, $14,

Striped Top

Just like Rihanna's top, this one features a different stripe on the border, giving it the ultimate retro vibe. It's totally ready for summer (and Coachella), so you can get a lot of wear out of this little number. (Striped High Neck Crop Top Red, $16,

Deep Purple Lipstick

Every RiRi fan knows how necessary it is to have a deep purple lipstick in their beauty arsenal. If you don't, consider adding this one to your spring beauty arsenal. (MAC Lipstick in Sin, $16.00,