Kid Receives Letter from George Lucas Informing Him He Can Become a Jedi AND Get Married, And A Piece Of Me I Thought Died Just Came Back to Life — VIDEO

Do you like, sweet, smart, and articulate children? Do you love Star Wars? Get ready to have all the feels. Colin, a sweet and thoughtful young man, has a dream. That dream is to become a Jedi. (You and me both, Colin.) But there's a problem: Colin also dreams of one day getting married. Unfortunately, the Jedi Order believes such strong personal attachment too easily leads to the Dark Side, and so marriage was forbidden among their ranks. I mean, Anakin Skywalker married Padmé and shortly thereafter went all Sith, so the case against Jedi marriage is pretty strong. Wise beyond his years, Colin decided to take his problem to the authority on the subject: Jedi Master George Lucas. He wrote a letter to the master asking how he could retain his Jedi status and get married without becoming a Sith. And Lucasfilm wrote back. This alone is basically a childhood dream of mine come true.

In addition to an impressive and awesome haul of Star Wars merchandise, Colin got a letter addressing his concerns. It stated:

  1. The Force is strong with him. ("It says, like, the Force is strong with me!")
  2. "To be a Jedi is to truly know the value of friendship, of compassion and loyalty, and these values are important in marriage." ("I can get married?! No waaaaaaaay! George Lucas is sooooooooo nice!")

Colin, on behalf of myself and everyone at Bustle: We think you will be a heroic Jedi and a wonderful husband one day. We wish you the very best in all your adventures!

And to Lucasfilms: Personally speaking, this act of adorable kindness has enabled me to forgive the existence of the Gungans. Not Jar Jar Binks (I'm pretty sure I would need to receive my own letter declaring me an actual Jedi before that could happen), but the Gungans as a general group. This was excellent.

Experience the vicarious excitement and renewed hope for the future below with the full video.

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And now, for good measure, let's watch the Episode VII trailer again, because I've done that obsessively for the past few days anyway and my breathless anticipation remains completely undiminished.

Star Wars on YouTube

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