What Makes Rafael So Hot On 'Jane The Virgin'? This Chart Proves It's More Than His Looks — GRAPH

When it comes to Jane the Virgin everyone has to choose a side — there is no middle ground. Are you Team Rafael or Team Michael? For me, there was never a choice to make. From the very first episode, I was firmly hooked on Team Rafael. There's just no question — teams hardly even seem fair, he is so clearly the winner. Michael is cute and all (in a puppy-dog sort of way), but Rafael and Jane are endgame on Jane The Virgin. From their "one perfect afternoon" date years ago, to their surprise accidental artificial insemination (not a meet-cute I would have ever predicted loving, but here we are) they are clearly in love — with some major obstacles to overcome. But really, not even a crazy ex, druglords, and a little corporate espionage can compete with the extreme hotness that is Rafael Solano.

Rafael can be a bit rash, and he's got more baggage then a flight through O'Hare, but all of that is outweighed by his heart, and his dedication to Jane. Oh, and his rocking body, let's not forget that one. He's a complex guy but how can you not root for someone who is so earnestly excited about having a family, and so dedicated to protecting them? So, lets all take a moment and analyze what makes Rafael so hot, because there really is no simple answer.

My word, that is a delicious looking pie. Team Michael's not looking so strong now, am I right? So hang in there, all of my fellow Team Rafael people! I know the last few episodes have been tough on a 'shippers heart, and Rafael can be too business-focused for his own dang good — but we are playing the long game with this one. This is a twisty telenovela we are dealing with and it's only been 18 episodes, so you know there is plenty more drama to come.

The important thing to remember is that Rafael is gorgeous, passionate, and doing everything he can to be a good partner to Jane and a good father to their baby. Yes, he has abs for days and pillow lips that just won't quit, but his hotness isn't physical (well, it's only partly physical). It's his "all in" attitude. It's his earnestness planning dates, it's his focus on creating a family legacy that his kids can be proud of. It's every slice of that ridiculously good looking pie that really takes Rafael to the next level.

Images: Greg Gayne /The CW; Caroline Wurtzel/Bustle