11 People Share Their Most Iconic Fashion Items

We all remember that one piece of clothing (or that one accessory) that we just couldn't take off growing up. It posed the question "how to define your style," and in many ways made us who we were then and there. That propensity to keep wearing our favorite thing doesn't necessarily stop when we get older either. No matter how many times we wear this special thing, we just never get tired of it. Whether it be because it's comfortable, it never goes out of style, or we'd just simply feel lost without it, iconic fashion pieces have made (or are currently making) a mark on our personalities.

There are many memorable fashion pieces from any decade in the last 50 years. We all remember the bell bottoms of the '70s, the shoulder pads of the '80s, the Dr. Marten's of the '90s, and the Fedora hats of the early 2000s. Many of us still can't take off our favorite pair of Levi's jeans, our Converse Chuck Taylor sneakers, our Ray-Ban's, or our little black dresses. Some women can't live a life without stilettos.

So I polled my friends to see what their favorite pieces of clothing once were, or what their current staples are in their wardrobes, and to express why they love them so much. Here are 11 pieces they couldn't live without:

1. High Waisted Shorts

Cheyenne, 19, says she always feels confident in high-waisted shorts because they can be worn in casual situations but still look fashionable. She loves that they come in so many styles and designs and adores wearing them with crop tops.

2. Flip Flops

Drew, 28, says flip flops are just too comfortable and easy not to wear. She'd rather be going barefoot, so flip flops are the next best thing. They certainly haven't gone out of style, and are easy to pair with just about anything.

3. Flannel Shirts

Sandra, 31, says flannel shirts were her go-to back in the '90s, but she still wears them with a tank top these days, especially on a cool evening. They're comfortable and feel like home to her.

4. Skinny Jeans

Stephanie, 31, loves her skinny jeans, because she can pair them with pretty much any type of shoe and because they look good on every body type. She never feels under or overdressed in them, but rather stylish without trying too hard, which she says is the definition of confidence.

5. Pearls

Sierra, 19, says this timeless piece, her pearl necklace, makes her feel extra pretty and that it's the finishing touch to a perfect outfit.

6. Swedish Hasbeens

Leah, 29, claims these heels are the most comfortable she's ever worn. They make her feel like her sassy self, and she loves that they are the perfect height for her.

7. Skater Shoes

Sam, 32, found these DC skater shoes in Australia. He loved the bold red and blue colors on them and their uniqueness, as he hasn't found any like them since. He wore them until the insides were poking his feet and hated when the time came to throw them away.

8. Ripped Jeans And Leather Jacket Combo

Mariah, 22, says she simply likes looking like a rock star in her ripped jeans and leather jacket. Rock on, chick.

9. Chain Belts

Another fashion and beauty writer at Bustle, Alysse, 27, designed her own chain belt as a part of her independent fashion line. She grew up being inspired by the singer and icon Selena, who was known for sporting chain belts like this one.

10. Rock Band Tee Shirts

My mother, TC, 51, loved her Journey shirt. Journey was her and my dad's favorite band in their dating and early married years. She says rock band shirts made you stand out as a fan and showed a side of your personality that appreciated and knew good rock music.

11. Scarves

My personal favorite iconic fashion piece is a scarf. I wear them all the time to dress up my outfits as I'm not that keen on wearing necklaces. They instantly make me feel trendy.

Images: Courtesy Interviewees; Author's Own