30 Perfect Prom Clutches To Compliment Your Look And Carry All The Essentials, No Matter Your Budget

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While clutches are mostly impractical for daily life (nobody has that many hands), formal events like prom are the perfect place to bring out the bag that's really more of an accessory. Even if you won't be carrying it around all night, a bag can make or break your outfit. When you're paying close attention to curating your look from head to toe, your prom clutch should compliment and enhance the overall effect. Like your jewelry and shoes, the bag should make sense with your dress without overwhelming it. If your dress is simple, a bold clutch might be just the thing to amp up your ensemble. If the dress is printed or embellished, a simpler bag is probably the way to go. A bag that's too casual could drag your whole look down, and that would be truly tragic.

You may not realize it since we don't shop for them often, but clutch options these days are crazy. You can even get a clutch that looks like a taco or this Capri Sun-esque Anya Hindmarch handheld that's trending among celebs. Chances are you aren't looking to spend $1,000+ your prom bag, and you're in luck. From elegant under $30 finds to total splurges, your clutch is just a click away.

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