Cody Simpson Got Gigi Hadid The Best Birthday Gift

by Caitlyn Callegari

If you've ever had a significant other, you know that finding them the perfect gift for their birthday can be a painstaking task. A task so infuriating that it ultimately sends you to the nearest drug store to purchase a seemingly thoughtless gift card. But, this sort of anxiety doesn't plague Cody Simpson. Why? Because Simpson's girlfriend, Gigi Hadid, makes situations like these as effortless as possible. The model turns 20 on April 23rd, and Hadid took to her social media accounts to show off the pre-determined present that Simpson got her.

The gift in question? An assortment of McDonalds gift cards. But, here's the catch. It isn't so she can buy a lifetime supply of Big Macs for herself. Although, that does sound positively delicious. In a series of tweets, Hadid explains that she straight up told Simpson and the rest of her friends and family what she wanted for her big day. She requested gift cards from food establishments like McDonalds so she could hand them out to those who may be, "in need of a meal." Proving the old adage that some possess beauty both inside and out.

Beyond her own good deeds, she also suggests to her Instagram followers that they can literally follow her lead. She captioned the snapshot of her tweets saying, "If your birthday is comin up and you don't know what to ask for!!!!!!" Considering that Hadid has become a role model in her own right, hopefully she does inspire those that look up to her to continue this sweet tradition. Way to be an awesome human, Gigi. Happy (early) Birthday!