7 Gigi Hadid Instagram Pics That Will Make You Want To Be Her Best Friend (Move Over, Kendall Jenner!)

Move over Kylie Jenner, there's another It model in town! Gigi Hadid is just as well known off the runway as she is on it. The 19-year-old California native has been featured in titles like Elle, Vogue, Sports Illustrated, and has even appeared on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. And while names like Hadid are at our fingertips and on the pages of our favorite mags, oftentimes we feel the fashion models we love to obsess over are un-relatable.

Enter: Instagram, where media meets social and fans can check out celebs behind-the-scenes lives. Hadid has prided herself on her social media presence, giving credit where it's due, as her It Girl status can be attributed to her loyal followers. Through Instagram, her fans have been able to see Hadid's career, friendships, and relationship with beau Cody Simpson unfold.

Yes, we all know the girl is gorgeous and her modeling career has taken flight in a big way, but Hadid is more than just a pretty face strutting up and down a catwalk. She's a young woman, like all the rest of us young women, living her life one day at a time (just, ya know, famously). By connecting via Instagram, the barrier between ourselves and the model-of-the-year comes down, if only by a few inches. Here are seven ways her IG account will make you want to be her best friend.

1. She has embraced the selfie

Admit it, the camera — err, iPhone — loves Gigi. The model loves to a snap a selfie, whether between shoots, while hanging out with gal pals Taylor Swift and Kendall Jenner or just, ya know, whenever she’s bored (at which times she conveniently looks gorgeous).

2. And the art of the food pic

Celebrities can have their cake and photograph it too! Though we rarely catch her actually tasting the food, Hadid’s got a sweet tooth and an appreciation for food-tography.

3. She’s just workin’ on her fitness.

Step aside Fergie — Hadid's fitgirl game is strong. After all, if you don't have pics at the gym, did you really workout? We all know the girl has a hot bod, but it makes us feel a little better knowing that, like us, she has to work for it. Summertime is right around the corner, ladies. Boxing lessons, anyone?

4. She's feeling the love.

Hands up if you participate in #mcm with a swoon-worthy snapshot of your significant other. Hadid and boyfriend Cody Simpson have been dating for over two years and though they temporarily split way back when, you'd never know from their many Kodak moments. Or that one where Hadid's wrapping her leg around Simpson's waist, the both of them wearing only towels. Standard. #relationshipgoals

5. She's a hard worker (or is she hardly working?)

We all have days at the office where things get a little slow and playing with our phones might be a little more entertaining (all the scrollable apps!). Though, we aren't sure how anything in the Maybelline model's professional life could be considered snooze-city, we appreciate the behind-the-scenes snippets.

6. She loves collecting the latest issue of Vogue.

We'll try to ignore the fact that shes on the cover. #envogue

7. She just wants to have fun, model or not

When you're done hanging out with the New Brat Pack (or are initiating new members...) give us a call Gig!

Images: Instagram @gigihadid