What Is Kylie Jenner Hiding Under That Hat?

by Catie Keck

If you’re curious about Kylie Jenner’s recent hat obsession, so are we. En route to Coachella, Jenner posted the first of what would soon become a surprising number of selfies with a leather baseball hat. What was it hiding, we wondered. And why, with it’s bill pulled so far over her face, had her hair suddenly turned aqua blue? Jenner is something of a hair chameleon, so her jump from one look to another is relatively uneventful these days. However, her obsession with leather hats will surely send them flying off the racks at Forever 21 in no time flat.

Here’s the deal, though. To process hair this much, and to switch it from blue to pink seemingly overnight is, frankly, kind of impossible. Kylie’s hair is naturally really dark, and the amount of bleach she’d need to mute her roots and dye it one color and then another would have her hair falling out in chunks. That is, unless there’s some sort of witchcraft hair product being sold on the black market that none of us is aware of yet (being that she’s a part of the Kardashian crew, she may in fact wield this kind of power). Let’s remember that her hair was black again for two days before the pink made its debut.

We speculated recently that Kylie’s lighter locks may in fact be a wig, which would explain why she donned the hat in the first place and why its appearance on her Instagram coincides directly with the shades in question. Let’s take a look, shall we?

Look 1: The Hat Makes Its Debut

Look 2: The Hat Rides In A Car

Look 3: The Hat Arrives At Coachella

Look 4: The Hat Turns Blue

Look 5: The Hat Is Worn With A Glorified Shirt Worn As A Dress

Look 6: The Hat Possibly Changes Colors Again

Look 7: The Hat Meets Pink Hair

Kylie Jenner, you've baffled us yet again.

Image: Kylie Jenner/Instagram