Channel Sookie Stackhouse's Sassy, Springy Style

It appears that I'm not alone in my love of Sookie Stackhouse's spring style. And it could be argued that the award of "best dressed" True Blood character could easily go to Miss Stackhouse herself. Not only do I love her super, Southern Belle style, but she is one of my all-time favorite on-screen characters. Sookie is a straight-talking yet polite, confident, independent, brave, and generally lovely person. She always looks on the bright side of life and at the beginning of the series (before she is shown the dark world of supernatural creatures) she is charmingly naive and a truly endearing, positive person. Plus the girl knows how to wear a pair of shorts better than anyone!

Sookie wears quite a range of different garments for everyday wear and to suit the occasions in her life. However, no matter what she wears, she always looks as pretty as a picture (apart from when she's covered in the remnants of an exploded, dead vampire). With the weather getting warmer, the hunt for spring/summer fashion inspiration has begun. Well, look no further y'all! Sookie's style is so on trend right now — from her signature shorts to her gorgeous, gingham dress — you don't need telepathic powers like Sookie to see what's in fashion this spring!

The Gingham Print

Just like another of our favorite Southern Belle starlets — Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz — Sookie has taken this traditionally rural print and run with it. Here she wears a red and white, gingham checked dress while visiting Dallas — proving that you can bring a little of the country to the city.

This Bandeau Skater Dress from ASOS is a similar style to Sookie's. Aside from the color and the spaghetti straps, it's almost the same dress. At just $33, it's a complete style steal!

The Bikini

This tutti-frutti bikini from Season 1 is so darned cute! It totally complements Sookie's sweet personality and it looks awesome with her tan.

I don't know about you guys, but I have fallen head over heels in love with this strawberry print bikini from ASOS. Slightly different to Miss Stackhouse's tie-neck bikini, I think this bandeau style makes this strawberry bikini even cuter than Sookie's. You can also get the matching bikini bottoms, as pictured. You'll look good enough to eat!

The Sun Dress

Embodying summer itself in this sunshine-yellow sun dress, Sookie looks darling as usual. Plus the little tie draws your eye down to her cleavage to prove she's not always as good as gold.

You'll be humming Lesley Gore's "Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows" before you know it in this cute, yellow cami from ASOS. Not only does it give out the same underlying "butter wouldn't melt" vibes as Sookie's dress, but the whole underwear as outwear feel gives it a similar sex appeal as Sookie's sun dress.

The Shorts

Showing off her never-ending legs, Sookie's signature garment is definitely her shorts. And gals, does she know how to wear a pair of shorts! Seen here, she is wearing her signature Merlotte's uniform complete with the obligatory Merlotte's uniform t-shirt and apron.

If there were any shorts Sookie would be proud to flaunt, it would have to be these high-waisted hot pants from ASOS. Although Sookie was seen mainly sporting these with her Merlotte's uniform, black shorts will go with literally anything in your wardrobe. Logo tee and black shorts? Perfect match. Embellished baby doll cami and black shorts? Where have you been all my life?! Silk, pussy-bow blouse and black shorts? A match made in heaven. Plus these are only $9 in the sale section... You might want to "run" through cyberspace and get some before they're gone.

The Denim Jacket

How did Sookie stay warm on chilly evenings when she was out chasing vampires? A denim jacket, of course! Denim is such a versatile material and you can throw a denim jacket over any outfit for an impromptu adventure around the bayou.

This Noisy May Cropped Denim Jacket at ASOS is super cute and affordable. Being cropped, it adds a more feminine touch to the traditionally tomboyish denim jacket and would look really divine with any of the above outfits.

The Glamorous Number

Every now and again, Sookie pulls a gem out of the style bag, leaving her country gal roots behind her and working a very different, yet totally gorgeous, glamorous look. Here she is pictured in a beautiful lilac gown in a scene where Bill attempts to propose to her. Remember that? It seems like a lifetime ago...

This ASOS Crop Top Midi Debutant Scuba Dress is very similar to Sookie's feminine frock, differing only slightly in cut. Just try not to do a Sookie in this dress and leave your partner hanging when they're trying to propose to you!

All you need now is a supernatural date to take you out in your fabulous new Sookie Stackhouse inspired wardrobe! Now, will you go for a vampire, a werewolf, or a fairy?

Images: HBO (7); Courtesy ASOS