Did Drake Confirm Nicki Minaj Is Engaged? His Words Are Just The Latest Addition To Many Pieces Of Evidence — VIDEOS

It looks like it's really happening, guys. Nicki Minaj seems to be engaged to boyfriend (and fellow rapper) Meek Mill! This is really exciting for a lot of reasons — mostly because she is obviously going to throw a ridiculously amazing wedding — but it's hard to get too pumped about it since she hasn't officially confirmed the news. Sure, she's dropped some major hints and shared a photo of her huge heart-shaped ring, but the words "I am engaged" have yet to leave her mouth... or her social media pages. Fortunately, that's what Drake is for. Over the weekend, Drake congratulated Nicki Minaj on stage at Coachella, and even though he didn't say what he was congratulating her for, it seems obvious that he was talking about her engagement.

So what's the deal? Is Nicki Minaj getting married or not? So far, all evidence seems to say that she definitely is, and why would a close friend like Drake bring her on stage for a hug if she wasn't engaged? But before we start building Pinterest boards around Minaj's future ceremony and reception, it's time to gather all of the evidence. The good news? There are plenty of clues so far.

The Ring Picture

This is obviously the most important piece of evidence, and Minaj doesn't seem to be holding back. She's wearing a very sparkly, diamond encrusted ring on the very finger you'd wear an engagement ring on. Hmm, suspicious! Also, her use of emojis is pretty interesting, seeing as the engagement ring one was included. Of course, she could just be showing off her insane manicure, but... I don't think so.

The Elusive Tweets

In keeping with Minaj's post, Meek Mill tweeted the yellow emoji heart, which seems to represent the ring he may or may not have proposed with the day before Minaj's ring photo appeared.

The "Source" Confirmation

According to E! Online, this is totally a done deal. Reportedly a friend of the couple (Other than Drake. Probably...) has confirmed that Minaj and Mill are engaged, and since E! is generally a pretty reliable source, I'm inclined to believe that they wouldn't share a confirmation like this unless their source was really, really legit. According to their anonymous pal,

Both Meek and Nicki have been spending amazing quality time together lately and have gotten extremely close these past few months. It may seem like it all is happening very quickly but Nicki and Meek are in this 100. They truly love each other.

The Cryptic Instagram Posts

Just before sharing the photo of her ring, Minaj posted a photo from Miami with the caption, "I wish every night could feel like last night." Do you mean the night your boyfriend proposed? Because if you do, we need details. Like, yesterday.