'Mad Men's Glen Bishop Has Returned, So Let's Look Back Upon The Many, Many Creepy Stages Of His Character

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On Sunday night's Mad Men, we were treated to a phenomenon for which we had passionately hoped but had been too afraid to believe might actually happen: the return of Glen Bishop. The creepy little fella who lived across the way from the Drapers in childhood has been charming and haunting us since Season 1, drudging up insecurity in Betty, envy in Sally, and once yelling at Bobby for mistaking him for a Christmas tree farm customer. Now, he gets his sendoff... and quite the transformative one at that.

If you caught Sunday's episode of Mad Men, you know that Glen has certainly achieved a more flattering physical stage, even washing away some of that intrinsic creepiness by virtue of how well his matter-of-fact demeanor fits his hip sense of style. But just because Glen is cool now, that doesn't mean we want to forget the old Glen. The wonderfully creepy Glen who has delighted us these past many years.

Let's take a look back through the stages of Glen to remember just how beautifully bizarre that little boy was.

Image: AMC

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