What Your Favorite 'Friends' Guest Star Says About You

Friends fans, the time has come yet again to look into my crystal ball of Friends knowledge. Give yourself over to me and let me read your aura; I can know the depths of your very being based on a few key snippets of your Friends preferences. Take, for instance, your favorite guest stars. Though it may seem trivial, it is of utmost importance to find out what your favorite Friends guest star says about you, because it is far more telling than the most accurate personality quiz.

Now, this is no easy choice. Friends was the "who's who" of actors and actresses before they became famous. I have seen all 236 episodes of Friends front to back at least a dozen times (no exaggeration, I am happy to admit) and I still notice recognizable faces that I've missed in past viewings.

So think carefully and don't be afraid if you can't narrow it down to one. There are many threads woven into the tapestry of your soul and, when it comes to Friends guest stars, there are so many of them that you can, for once in your life, have your cake and eat it too.

So ponder your Friends favorites and peruse the clips below before ultimately making your selections as you embark upon your quest to unearth what your favorite Friends guest star says about you.

Brad Pitt as Will Colbert

PhdRoss on YouTube

You have great taste, but you cling to the past with too much fervor. You still hope for Brad and Jen to get back together (and, in the depths of your soul, even though you are hesitant to admit it, you also yearn for for Justin and Britney to reunite). You are an avid #tbt-er, a nostalgic soul who sometimes struggles to live in the present. You clearly have an eye for talent though, as Brad Pitt as Will aka President of the "I Hate Rachel Green Club" was one of the best of Friends' many millions of guest stars. You were into "meta" before "meta" was a thing to be into.

Alec Baldwin as Parker the Optimist

PureBloodPaul on YouTube

You surround yourself with positive people and approach life with a careless optimism. You aren't afraid to make fun of others (and yourself) when they take life too seriously. Your life is a-glow with the light of a million fairies (or at least you try to keep up the appearance that it is).

Paul Rudd as Mike "Crap Bag" Hannigan

You might be goofy on the outside but you use humor to cover up your inner softie. You make fast friends and give everyone around you a sense of belonging with your comforting spirit. You related to Mr. Bag's lighthearted playfulness and caring heart. You also kick ass at ping pong.

Christina Applegate as Amy Green

EarthLuau2 on YouTube

You are quick-witted with a wicked sense of humor. Though you may appear insensitive at times, this is merely because you use humor to shield your vulnerability.

Tom Selleck as Dr. Richard Burke

You prefer to snuggle up with a good book and a soothing cup of tea to a night out on the town. You are low-maintenance and cherish ease and comfort. You undoubtedly have a healthy appreciation for facial hair.

Bruce Willis as Paul Stevens, Elizabeth's Dad

Artem Frolov on YouTube

You appreciate the classics and know that, like a glass of fine wine, most things only get better with age. You're not afraid of dating out of your age bracket. Risks excite you and you let passion rule over your life rather than logic. Though some might describe you as impulsive at times, others are jealous of your spontaneity (and the ease with which you pull off being such a love machine).

Aisha Tyler as Charlie the Paleontologist

kim just on YouTube

You value strong personalities who aren't afraid to speak their minds. Intelligence is a key factor of attraction for you. You pride yourself for your own intellect and don't do well with arrogance from others.

George Clooney and Noah Wyle as ER Doctors Dr. Mitchell and Dr. Rosen

BananaPostTumblr on YouTube

You were obsessed with ER.

Reese Witherspoon as Jill Green

PureBloodPaul on YouTube

If Reese Witherspoon is your favorite Friends guest star then you probably did not learn what a pashmina was from her character, Jill. You are a trendsetter and always know what's hot and what's not. However, you're also not afraid to march to the beat of your own drum, flaunting your apartment pants with pride as others look on in envy.

Danny DeVito as the Male Stripper at Phoebe's Bachelorette Party

Paul Gunter on YouTube

Honestly, I'm not sure what this one says about you if Danny DeVito is your favorite guest star but I do know that I definitely don't want to be there for your bachelorette party.

Julia Roberts as Susie Underpants

Princey03 on YouTube

You have an all-American sensibility about you. You cherish simplicity and efficiency.

Adam Goldberg as Eddie Menuek, Chandler's Roommate

BananaPostTumblr on YouTube

You appreciate a good sense of humor, even if it strays a bit into absurdity. You might be a bit of a cinephile. You also know how to make eggs a la Eddie.

Denise Richards as Cousin Cassie Geller

Surrounded Voices on YouTube

The porno music that accompanies Cousin Cassie's hair flip is the soundtrack to your life. Just kidding. But that hair flip probably informed that basis of your seduction techniques. Two drinks deep and you know to whip out the Cousin Cassie hair flip.

Winona Ryder as Melissa, Rachel's Sorority Sister

staubputzen on YouTube

Like Joey, you appreciate some good girl-on-girl action (but in your case, it's because you appreciate Friends' tactful yet giddy handling of matters of sex). Like Rachel's thoughts on Jane Eyre, you thought that Friends was surprisingly ahead of its time (despite the lack of cyborgs) and you are all for progressive depictions of gender, sexuality, and identity in the media.

Ben Stiller as Angry Tommy

You are polite and courteous to others. You will sacrifice your comfort so as not to inconvenience someone else. Ben Stillers' quick-tempered Tommy is everything you're not and you live vicariously through his brash reactions to external stimuli.

Jennifer Coolidge as Amanda Buffamonteezi

BananaPostTumblr on YouTube

Legally Blonde is probably one of your favorite movies and Jennifer Coolidge's very presence in this YouTube clip makes you want to bend and snap. You also can't stand a one-upper and thus Jennifer Coolidge's over-the-top, pompous Amand-ahhhhh cracks you up. You also have never had any professional dahnce training but can whip out some sick moves on the dance floor.

Mae Whitman as Sarah Tuttle, Brown Bird and Space Camp Enthusiast

Ismail Kaplan on YouTube

You have an irrational desire to go to space camp despite the fact that you're an adult. You were probably a Girl Scout at a young age and you related to Sarah's Brown Bird struggles. You're young at heart and have a youthful spirit. You are good with children and never lost your childhood sense of wonder.

Cole Sprouse as Ben Geller

jonasfan925 on YouTube

You must be a 'tween. What are you doing reading my big girl articles?

Freddie Prinze, Jr. as Sandy the "Manny"

gendersexuality on YouTube

You are a fan of breaking the "mold." You are all about fluidity and flexibility. You are vocal about your desire for gender equality and generally keep an open mind about hot-button issues. You are a sensitive soul with a nurturing spirit

Rebecca Romjin as Cheryl, Ross' Dirty Date

PureBloodPaul on YouTube

You are a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants type of person. You don't deal with rigidity and you value someone who has a free spirit. You aren't afraid of a bit of clutter and you are wary of those who strive for too much control over their lives. You accept the unpredictable nature of life and don't worry to much about the future.

Images: Warner Bros. Television