5 "Bootylicious" Music Video Dance Moves That Rumer & Val Should Try On 'Dancing With The Stars'

Destiny’s Child’s third album, Survivor, featuring “Bootylicious,” was perhaps the most pivotal musical moment of my childhood. Beyoncé and Kelly had ideal third member Michelle in the crew permanently by then, they were traipsing through the jungle with camo and abs to spare, and they were singing non-stop about being independent women. That’s obviously something my 12-year-old self and Rumer Willis, with all her sass and brass on Dancing With the Stars, can get behind. Luckily, DWTS is getting the rights to Destiny's Child's “Bootylicious” so we can all find out just how delicious Rumer and partner Val’s booties are. (Spoiler Alert: They gon’ be good.)

Bootylicious is the first word I can remember pop-culturing itself right into the dictionary — it was a movement. Beyoncé, future mother of Blue Ivy herself, went onto Oprah and told Oprah that she was going to be able to find the Merriam-Webster’s definition of “bootylicious” very soon (“Combining the words ‘booty’ and ‘delicious’; slang word meaning very good looking, esp. in the glutinous area," by the way). I’ll assume Oprah and her audience were told that they were also, in fact, bootylicious. Because despite that dictionary definition, being bootylicious is actually very little about the gluteous area — it’s an attitude, as evidenced by Destiny's Child's iconic (Stevie Nicks-featuring) "Bootylicious" music video.

I’ve spent a lot more time looking at Rumer and Val’s pointed toes, graceful arms, and aggressive feet planting this season than their butts, so I really couldn’t tell you how definition-bootylicious they are. But I do know they put their all into embracing the character of every dance; they may not be Beyoncé, Kelly, or Michelle, but... they can handle this. Here are a few “Bootlylicious” moves they should most definitely attempt:

The Fast Pace

DestinysChildVEVO on YouTube

Destiny's Child and their dressing helpers are doing it all in this video — serving fierceness, loving their bodies, dancing their asses off — and they're doing it fast. I want to see Val and Rumer all over that floor.

The Hip Swivel

Specifically, I want to see them swiveling those hips in the most Michelle of fashions.

Dressing the Part

The "Bootylicious" was all about that full yellow wardrobe though. The aqua-marine sparkly fringe is a fitting choice, or course; and all of the important pant-slits in the pink outfits cater themselves well to DWTS; but the yellow spandex and purple wide-brimmed fedora complete with yellow plume were proof that Destiny's Child weren't willing to be put in just any one box, and that's a perfect message for Rumer.

Going Full Beyoncé

Everyone has their moment in the "Bootylicious" video, as everyone should have their moment on DWTS, but Beyoncé gets that first push in the dressing room mirror, and that's important. Rumer and Val's performance should be all about Rumer taking center stage and asserting herself as the most dominant on the leader board.

And Finally, that Grill Lick

Mostly, this "Bootlyicious" dance needs a lot of mugging, and simply must end with that iconic grill lick, gold tooth optional.

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