Charles Might Be Someone Else's Twin

by Kaitlin Reilly

If my favorite thing is watching Pretty Little Liars, than my second favorite thing is reading fan theories about the series. Luckily, with a TV show that poses as many questions as Pretty Little Liars, there are plenty of theories out there to read — and quite a few that make me reevaluate everything. The Pretty Little Liars Season 5 finale "Welcome To The Dollhouse" seemingly answered quite a few of our questions, but we still haven't gotten the whole story about A. Big A was revealed to be Charles DiLaurentis, and from his home movies it appears that he's Jason's twin brother. But what if the latter is not the case? That's what fan theory from Facebook page A-Trouble Maker suggests, and as much as the theory is making my brain hurt, it also makes a TON of sense.

According to this theorist (whom you can follow on Twitter at @twopercentrules) Charles doesn't have to be Jason's twin, or even a DiLaurentis biological sibling in order to be a part of the mystery. According to A-Trouble Maker's epic theory, the DiLaurentis family moved to Georgia shortly after Jessica DiLaurentis became pregnant with Jason in order to get away from the real father of the baby, Spencer and Melissa's dad Peter Hastings. While there, the learned that Jessica's sister and her husband had died, so they had to take care of their children, Bethany and Charles. Jessica and her husband Ken adopted the children, whom were secretly abused by their parents for years before their death. Bethany and Charles were thrilled to have a new, happy family — and that's when things went sour.

As A-Trouble Maker writes, because of Charles' troubled upbringing, he became obsessed with the "perfect" Alison, and one day, his obsession caused him to hurt her. Charles pushed Ali, which caused her to break her arm. Ken made Jessica put the children up for adoption to protect the family's biological children. This would explain why Bethany was so angry to call Jessica "Aunt Jessie" — she had previously called her "Mom" after the family adopted her. Bethany was adopted by the Youngs, who later put her in Radley when she began displaying many of the same behaviors as Charles did.

The theory then diverges into two possibilities — that Ezra or Wren is the real Charles DiLaurentis. While there is plenty of evidence for both, my money is on Wren as Charles — dude has been a major suspect for too long not to have a real role in this mystery. In fact, the only reason I was inclined to not believe that Wren was Big A was because of his relationship with Spencer and Melissa, whom would be his half-sisters if Charles was Jason's twin brother. If Charles isn't really Jason's twin? Well, it looks like Dr. Kingston could very well be our man. A-Trouble Maker points out that he has connections to Radley, a troubled and mysterious family history, and a tendency to insert himself into the lives of the girls without any real reason, which certainly sounds particularly A-like of him.

Good sleuthing, A-Trouble Maker. Only time will tell if this theory is right, but it's certainly mind-blowing.

Images: Eric McCandless/ABC Family; ABC Family (screenshot); Giphy