Is Diplo Collaborating With Gucci Mane, Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber, & Robert Plant? Not So Fast

Diplo and Gucci Mane have some good news for their fans... maybe. While it looks like a collaborative album might be in the works, some signs point to it being a joke. A 4/20 joke, if that is a thing now. Gucci Mane started it all with the Saturday announcement "NEW EDM ALBUM WITH @diplo ON THE WAY !!!!!” Diplo responded and clarified, saying "hahaha it ain’t EDM but we working !!! #guwap." If this is all a joke, Diplo had broken the major rule of improv: say "yes, and...", don't question the logic of the previous joke.

While it is quite plausible that this specific collaboration would happen (though they obviously need to have a discussion about genre), Diplo brought the rumors to a whole new level with a tweet on April 20th. "Working on a album right now with gucci mane and robert plant and justin beeber is executive producing with selena gomez #420." Though this sounds amazing, there are a lot of reasons to question the validity of the tweet. Some are doubting Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez's production skills. Others are wondering who Justin Beeber is. Still others are not sure if Led Zeppelin singer Robert Plant would be interested in the collaboration. This really seems to be some kind of joke for 4/20, but as I've said, that isn't really a thing.

No one has officially confirmed or denied this rumor yet, but it seems likely that the Gucci Mane/Diplo colab is going to happen, while the rest are some sort of commentary on the speculation that arose from those rumors. I don't really know, though I feel like Robert Plant's voice could conceivably work with a more electronic background, and EW points out that Diplo did post a picture with Plant a few weeks ago. Some outlets seem convinced that it's serious, while others are more skeptical. Concrete details may emerge on 4/21.