Carey Mulligan is Such a New Yorker

by Rachel Semigran

Hollywood has been going through a bit of a British Invasion over the past five years or so. Benedict Cumberbatch and Tom Hiddleston create an Internet frenzy whenever they do just about anything; Emma Watson is an international feminist treasure who is helping to change the lanscape of film and society for women; and Ricky Gervais has more to say about American politics than most Americans. Just when it seemed like the British were coming back to reclaim America via popular culutre, it seems as though America fought back and claimed one of Britain's finest: Carey Mulligan. The Academy Award-nominated actress is appearing in Skylight on Broadway and it seems as though all of this time in New York has made her into a full-blown American.

In a hilarious and charming promo for the play Skylight (h/t Jezebel ), Mulligan scarfs down hot dogs and pretzels while donning a New York Yankees baseball hat, an oversized winter coat, and an "I Heart NY" shirt...in New York. She also discusses how after being in New York for three weeks, she's a real New Yorker (that's the general rule, right?). The power of New York is so strong that it can't overcome the fact that Skylight is a drama that takes place in bloody London. She also stars alongside Bill Nighy, one of the most British people on the planet. All of those yellow taxi must have really done her in.

Here are the most American things about Mulligan's video for Vogue:

Eating While Exercising

Living the g-d American dream.

Wearing a Baseball Hat

Wanna know how to spot an American in a foreign country? Look for the baseball hat.

Loads of Physical Contact With Strangers

An English person would NEVER.

The "I'm Walking Here!" Move

Only in New York.

Talking About Soul Cycle

It's almost as bad a Cross Fit. Almost.

Street Hot Dogs

Tastes like freedom.

Sweets on Top of Sweets

Because plain old ice cream is just anti-American.

See the entire video here: