Lucy Hale Has A Very Efficient Makeup Routine

In a recent interview with People Style Watch, self-described beauty product hoarder Lucy Hale revealed that she has probably one of the most efficient beauty routines in Hollywood. The Pretty Little Liars star has managed to cut down her everyday makeup routine so that it only takes her 20 minutes to get ready each morning. Quite impressive for someone who says she feels the need to buy everything in Sephora.

Hale told People Magazine that she feels compelled to buy beauty products whenever she steps into a Target or a Sephora, but doesn't end up using 90 percent of them regularly. But as a result, Hale has managed to whittle down her routine, from what was once a few hours long production, to just 20 minutes, since she's started using the bare minimum of products.

Hale, who finally feels comfortable with her skin, thanks to weekly facials, says that she only uses three products each morning: A tinted moisturizer, mascara, and blush, like mark.'s Touch & Glow shimmer cubes (Hale is a spokesperson for mark.). As for the rest of her beauty and skincare routine? Hale says that she always washes her face before she goes to bed. Always.

"Sometimes it’s late and I don’t want to, but I always force myself because I will without a doubt always break out if I go to bed with makeup on," explains Hale.

So there you have it. If you want a glow like Lucy Hale, you should never wear makeup to bed, get weekly facials, and utilize a tinted moisturizer. If only it were that easy.

Images: Lucy Hale/Instagram