Kimberly Nichole Is The Voice

by Jessica Molinari

Kimberly Nichole is perfect. If she doesn't win season eight of The Voice, then clearly America has no idea what talent is. Nichole's rendition of Etta James' "Something's Got a Hold On Me" was hands-down the best performance of this entire season — rivaled only by every other performance Nichole has ever given. The coaches were in complete amazement of her and gave her extremely high regards. Nichole is the real deal and there is no question that she will take home The Voice title.

Pharrell's face said it all — Nichole's performance was insane. It was seriously Grammy worthy. Her ability to perform while nailing her vocals is unmatched on this show. Her performance was full of talent, drama, and excitement, and it was the greatest thing I've seen on this show. She laid on that red bench and sang her face off — I literally got goose bumps. Though Nichole had a little trouble getting into the melody during rehearsals, she was able to rock it out come game day which is all that counts. It's been amazing watching her week after week on this show and there's no way she's going home any time soon.

As Adam Levine mentioned, it's really hard to keep momentum on this show. Switching it up gets difficult and contestants often hit a point where they just can't wow the audience anymore. There's no way Nichole will have this problem. Her performance experience has taught her how to keep things interesting and fresh night after night. This is a major advantage to have in a competition full of contestants with crazy potential. No matter how hard they work, the other artists aren't going to be able to get on Nichole's level of awesomeness before the end of this competition. Nichole is bound to win over America just as she has won over the coaches. If she isn't the only one standing in the end, then America needs a serious lesson of what talent is — because Kimberly Nichole is it.

Image: Trae Patton/NBC