11 Of Kylie's Most Ridiculous Outfits

At 17, Kylie Jenner has come into her own as a style star, even if she's still shifting her signature look on almost a daily basis. That process of self discovery often leads to Kylie Jenner wearing some ridiculous outfits — but I don't mean that as an insult towards her occasionally pantless ensembles. Out-there fashion is the most exciting part of the entire style world, after all.

Over the past two years and change, Kylie has rocked some totally confusing outfits (remember her sheer catsuit at Coachella?) as she has come into the spotlight and emerged a fashionista. She's been criticized for being overly sexy with her fashion choices, but I happen to be a huge fan of all the style risks she takes. What's the point of being super famous if you even can't wear jeans that are completely distressed beyond the point of recognition?!

These are 11 of Kylie Jenner's most head-scratching ensembles. Some are definitely ridiculous, maybe to the point of being completely unrealistic for wearing in the real, non-Kardashian world. Regardless, Kylie offers up plenty of inspiration for going all out with your next outfit. Hey, at least she isn't afraid to take chances right?

1. Catsuit


2. Summer Furs

If it's warm enough to hang out by the pool, it's too warm for a fur coat.

3. Buried

Kylie knows her way around a plaid shirt.

4. Graphic Tee

Is anyone else getting major Kim vibes from this shot?

5. Those Boots

These boots were made for sitting down and posing for Instagrams.

6. Destroyed Denim

Hmm. Destroyed denim is fun, but with with thigh-to-knee rips like this, it begs the question: Why not just wear shorts?

7. Clamshells

Oooh. I love this dress. It's basically an ode to the wonders of double stick tape.

8. Grunge Girl

Pants are sooooo overrated.

9. Perfect Plaid

Kylie is homeschooled but she dressed the part of Catholic school girl.

10. Abominable Snow Woman

That white fur thing is over-the-top, but Kylie rocks it.

11. Spanx For Asking

She wore a pair of granny panties that looked like Spanx as outerwear at Coachella. Oh, Kylie. We'll be forever bowing down to your fearless style.

Images: Kylie Jenner/Instagram (12)