This Bracelet Will Fix All Your Hair Tie Problems

To all my ponytail enthusiasts out there — we may have finally found the solution to all of our lost hair tie problems. BitterSweet Jewelry has created bracelets that are not only fashionable, but actually hold your hair tie on your wrist for you. Allow me to explain. Their bracelets basically act as an accessory to comfortably put your hair tie in; that way you don't have to get that skin imprint from all the pressure your hair tie gives you when you decide to wrap your hair tie on your wrists. Also, it's a way more stylish way to hold on to your hair tie and won't disrupt your arm bangle party. It's literally life changing, and I basically have to buy one immediately.

Not sure what your situation is, but my hair is super long, and it's usually a hot mess by the end of the day. I'll resort to either putting all of it in a top bun or a clean ponytail just to make it look like I have my life somewhat put together. The result: you can almost always catch me with a hair tie on my wrists, and when I keep it on my wrist for a majority of the day, I may not realize it, but it cuts off my blood circulation, which is likely not good for my body. But now, it won't be a problem, thanks to BitterSweet Jewelry. With this nice little bangle, we can keep our hair ties handy in the most fashionable way.

Shireen Thor, BitterSweet's founder and designer, told The Huffington Post, "The bracelet was sparked out of love and creativity to solve a common problem for women. Whenever I would look back at pictures of myself with a hair tie elastic on my wrist I would feel unsophisticated -- so I decided I wanted to do something about it!"

I'm seriously glad she did, because this is a serious hair hack that we've all been missing in our lives. And although the price ranges from $45-85, consider it an investment, for your life. I know I will.

Just take a look for yourself:

(Flower design steel with rose gold finish, $45, BitterSweet)

(Flower design steel with black finish, $45, BitterSweet)

(Flower design steel with silver finish, $45, BitterSweet)

(Flower design in silver/gold, $85, BitterSweet)

Image: BitterSweet (6)