Doug & Jamie Are The Cutest 'MAFS' Couple

Being the major reality show junkie that I am, it was only a matter of time before I got sucked into the Married At First Sight rabbit hole, and I'm so glad I did — mainly because now I know that the epic couple that is Doug Hehner and Jamie Otis exists. Initially drawn in because I remembered Jamie from The Bachelor, as soon as I heard about the concept, I was hooked. Meeting the person you're going to legally wed at the altar? Those are some high stakes, and I love a reality show with high stakes. More importantly, though, despite the bizarre and scary situation they were put in, all of the couples seemed truly committed to the experiment. And since Doug and Jamie were married at first sight but not in love at first sight, it was amazing to see their relationship grow.

Because seriously, they're the cutest. They might have had a rough start, but a year later, you'd never know the way they met if you hadn't seen the show. It's been squeal-worthy sweet to see Jamie allow herself to fall in love with this stranger she'd married, and Doug is obviously an endlessly patient guy to let it happen on her terms. For that reason — and a ton of others — if you asked me who my favorite MAFS couple is, it's definitely these two by a landslide.

They were friends first.

Even though, you know, they were married on paper and stuff. I love that they didn't try to force their relationship even though they were technically married — they allowed the attraction and love to grow in its own time. Really, I think they were lucky because their attraction wasn't instant, because it allowed them to build a solid foundation of friendship from the ground up.

Doug's family obviously loves Jamie.

Doug's parents might have been a little wary of Jamie at first (not that I blame them, since she was kind of freaking out at the wedding), but now, they clearly treat her like she's their daughter, which is something Jamie definitely needed after a lifetime rocky relationship with her own mom. Letting her borrow their car to get to work safely, helping her with Doug's surprise party — it's basically the ideal in law set up, and Jamie's super lucky.

They seem like true partners.

And that's really what marriage is, isn't it?

Doug's second proposal to Jamie was adorable.

A proposal is a moment that a lot of us look forward to, especially if you're someone who's always known you wanted to be married like Jamie did. Unfortunately, the MAFS thing kind of took that moment away from them, but Doug proposed later anyway, it was so cute. No, I didn't cry. Not at all. That wasn't me.

Their first anniversary was even more adorable.

A ski trip, Jamie legally changing her last name to Hehner? It's everything a first wedding anniversary should be.

This note.

Seriously, could they get any cuter?

Image: FYI