New 'Veronica Mars' Footage: It's Piz Vs. Logan

For fans of the highly anticipated, Kickstarter-backed Veronica Mars movie, clips from the film's set — regardless of content — are going to come with a huge wave of excitement. Our girl is back! And so is everyone else! Will the cases come a-crackin'? Natch. And with a new Veronica Mars movie footage that shows Kristen Bell's bubbly, tiny blonde back on the case, the anticipation levels are about to bubble over.

Marshmallows the world over (fans of the series, not the edible sweet treats) are no doubt squealing tonight over the intercut behind-the-scenes footage and interviews that butt up alongside this newly released footage from the film. In it we learn (spoilers, duh) that "Logan’s pull is too much" for Veronica to ignore — pulling her out of New York away from the arms of her loving manfriend, Piz (yes, folks — he's back!) and back to Neptune, California to help Logan get out of his current predicament: murder accusation (no one could ever accuse Logan and his family of being boring).

There's much to see in the clip, including many a friendly face (Yay! Leo and Mac and more!) and more than a few instances of Logan/Veronica googly-eyed gazing. If this doesn't temporarily satisfy your craving for the Rob Thomas series-turned-movie, nothing will.

Image: Rob Thomas