Drunk Husband On A Ledge Will Have You Fearing For His Life And Rethinking Whether Marriage Is Worth Dealing With Sh*t Like This — VIDEO

This is what we have to look forward to from married life, apparently. Drunk husbands getting into situations that could lead to grievous bodily harm, like this drunk husband who climbed up a very high, narrow ledge in their house, while his wife filmed him, all the while urging him to get down. The most hilarious part of the video is that the wife opens by addressing her husbands mother, with the intention of showing her what her adult son was up to. The caption to the video reads simply, "When my husband has a few too many, he becomes a magical suburban gymnast."

The drunk husband teeters on the edge of a shelf overlooking the couple's living room, and your heart will be in your mouth as you watch him sway across it. His wife gets increasingly anxious as he picks up a trumpet and begins playing it while standing precariously in the corner of the landing, allowing his body to melt sideways as he plays. I can only imagine that such a fall, possibly onto a hard surface or wood coffee table, would be very, very nasty. This is the kind of stuff that keeps marriage counselors' coffers full.


In sickness and in health, right? Watch the whole video with baited breath:

Taylor Casanova on YouTube

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