7 'Empire' Season 2 Storylines Involving Becky & Porsha That Need To Happen Now That They're Series Regulars

Fox’s breakout hit Empire has been on hiatus for about a month now, and like the rest of you Cookiemonsters out there, I am going through major withdrawals. Luckily Fox has blessed us with some new information for next season. The mega-talented Gabourey Sidibe who plays Lucious’ assistant Becky, and Ta’Rhonda Jones who plays Cookie's assistant Porsha, have been promoted to series regulars for Empire Season 2. This is amazing and well deserved news, considering the fact that both actresses were severely underused during the first season.

Academy Award-nominee Sidibe is no stranger to the acting world. However, Empire is the first acting role for newcomer Jones, whose comedic timing constantly had me in stitches. During Season 1’s conclusion, we saw Lucious and Cookie find themselves pitted against each other. Lucious, though no longer dying, is imprisoned for Bunkie’s murder and he’s convinced Cookie played a role in putting him there. Both Becky and Porsha have been loyal to their respective bosses up until this point — but, who knows if things will stay that way? Despite their dedication thus far, we all know how quickly things can change in the world of Empire — even more now that Sidibe and Jones are series regulars.

So, in honor of this news, here are seven story lines Empire Season 2 absolutely needs to include, involving theses well-loved characters.

Becky Gets the Guy


Since Cookie turned down Malcolm's proposal to move with him to DC, hopefully Becky will swoop in to mend his broken heart. After all, she’s been checking on him since day one.

Porsha Becomes a Technological Wiz


Now that Lucious is locked up for being all evil and what not, Cookie can swoop in and take Empire out from under him. Obviously, in order to do that, Porsha will have to get up to speed with social media and tech terms. She’s up for the task, right?

Becky Gets a Life Outside of Empire


Clearly, Becky is way too smart and fabulous to be running around after Lucious for the rest of her life. We need to know more about Becky’s social life — because obviously, she turns up.

Porsha Leaves Empire for Creedmor


Let’s be honest: I love Cookie, but she doesn’t always treat Porsha well. Though Porsha initially turned down Boo Boo Kitty’s proposition to come work for her, wouldn’t it be interesting if Porsha stopped taking Cookie’s calls and left to work with Boo Boo Kitty at Creedmor Entertainment?

Becky Becomes #TeamCookie


Hopefully Lucious won’t be getting out of the jailhouse anytime soon. This would provide the perfect opportunity for Becky to keep using his bathroom, and team up with Cookie to help take Empire from him.

Cookie Gives Porsha A Lot More Responsibility


Cookie had a lot on her plate last season: Between rekindling her relationships with her sons and battling it out with Lucious, I’m surprised she had time to do anything else. Porsha is obviously much than a glorified shoe fetcher (though, she does need to learn how to keep a secret). If she was positioned as Cookie’s true right-hand woman, even more hilarity would ensue.

We Find Out Porsha Is Cookie's Daughter


Porsha pretty much popped out of nowhere. Wouldn't it be amazing to find out that she's actually Cookie's daughter? I know that is seems highly unlikely considering the fact that Cookie and Lucious were practically high school sweethearts and Cookie was locked up for sixteen years... but hey, its Empire. Anything can happen.

Image: FOX, Giphy (7)