12 DIY Mother's Day Gifts To Earn You Ultimate Offspring Points For At Least A Year (Without Breaking The Bank)

It's no secret that moms everywhere go nuts for handmade DIY Mother's Day gifts. Even if your gold spray-painted macaroni pencil cup is truly hideous, it's part of universal mom DNA to think it's the greatest creation of all time. (Or maybe they've been lying?) Either way, now that we're older, the DIY gifting game requires a little extra thought. After all, you want to give your mom something she'll genuinely love, and DIYs have come a long way from the elementary school craft table. From luxurious homemade bath scrubs and functional household gems to things she might actually wear, these 12 projects are totally doable and completely perfect for Mother's Day.

Vanilla Bean Latte Soap

These are made of decadent ingredients and smell amazing. Give a set in a customized bag or box.

Image & Instructions: Offbeat And Inspired

Gold Polka Dot Mug

These mugs prove that simplicity can be the way to go. Make a set, or give with a pretty tin of tea.

Image & Instructions: A Pretty Life In The Suburbs

Nail & String Art

This is a craft your mom will actually want to display. Choose your hometown, her favorite vacation spot, or another sentimental shape.

Image & Instructions: Back To Her Roots

Citrus Salt Scrub

The best part about homemade products is that you know exactly what’s in them, and they’re usually all natural. Choose a really pretty jar to make this gift-worthy.

Image & Instructions: Offbeat And Inspired

Metallic Polka Dot Clutch

Play with color, pattern, and bag shapes to make a totally customized clutch or makeup bag.

Image & Instructions: Love U Madly

Reed Diffuser

Choose your mom’s favorite scent to craft the ultimate diffuser.

Image & Instructions: Radical Possibility

Painted Pot Succulents

How cute are these? Make a few for your mom to place on a pretty windowsill, or even in the kitchen. The best part is that succulents require very minimal maintenance.

Image & Instructions: Offbeat And Inspired

Pretty Elastic Hair Ties In Every Color

For some reason this style hair tie is really expensive in-store, but crazy easy to make for a fraction of the price. Make sure to customize the holder card — and make a few for yourself.

Image & Instructions: Love U Madly

Vanilla Bean Sugar

This recipe requires only two ingredients, but will up your mom’s coffee game tremendously. Play around with the packaging to make this extra special, or give it alongside a premium roast and pretty mug.

Image & Instructions: A Pretty Life In The Suburbs

No-Sew Wool And Leather Tablet Case

This no-sew tablet case is simple to construct and looks expensive. Feel free to switch up the colors and materials a little for the perfect combo.

Image & Instructions: Radical Possibility

Coffee And Vanilla Sugar Scrub

Mother’s Day is a time for pampering, and this scrub is good enough to eat. Plus, coffee has been proven to do really great things for skin.

Image & Instructions: Offbeat And Inspired

Confetti Tumblers

These are super cute, impressive looking, and easily customizable. Choose whatever glass shape you like, and your mom’s favorite colors. You could even try metallic paint!

Image & Instructions: Radical Possibility