This Chris Brown Assault Charge Update Makes Us Sadder Than Ever

Siiiiiigggh. Yep, another Chris Brown update. Because as much as you might wish that Chris Brown would disappear from your newsfeed, the dude just keeps punching people in the face, and things tend to only get more complicated after the punching point in the night. The most recent development? Well, Chris Brown's assault charge has been lowered from felony to misdemeanor. Because really what the world needed was Brown getting away with punching somebody again. That's totally what everyone wanted.

Another little development of the moment? Homophobia! Because everyone loves soem good ol' fashioned homophobia.

Basically what we know right now is relatively limited because it's all coming from various conflicting reports being filtered through TMZ. But! Here are some of the bullet points:

  • Chris Brown is saying he did not punch that dude in the face.
  • The guy Brown (allegedly) punched in the face was apparently just looking to get a picture with the singer when Brown responded by saying "I ain't down wit that gay s**t." Like we said, homophobia!
  • Brown's charge was reduced from felony to misdemeanor. Brown pled not guilty and has been released without bail, although he is required to stay 100 yards away from the victim.

So there you have it: More depressing news from the life of someone who depresses us!

For more of our opinions regarding how Brown's transgressions are viewed relative to other celebrity abusers, we point you to our original coverage of Brown's most recent arrest.