8 Times Robbie Amell Gushed About Italia Ricci & Made Everyone Swoon In The Process

If you're a fan of The Duff, The Flash, The Tomorrow People, or Pretty Little Liars, then there's no doubt you're also a fan of Robbie Amell. Yes, he's a handsome man (just like his cousin Stephen Amell), but I'm not here to talk about his good looks. Rather, I'm here to chat about how Amell can't help but gush about Italia Ricci, his fiancée. In my eyes, they're the new "it" couple and can't stop being adorable. If you were ever in need of relationship goals, I recommend looking to Amell and Ricci for some tips.

For those who follow their relationship and the two on social media, then you know that the actors can't help but show their love for one another. You know what else? Amell always says the sweetest things about his lady during interviews and on Instagram. Basically, he can't wait to marry his one true love and he isn't afraid to announce it to the world.

Yep, the actor just wants to make his fans swoon even more, because he clearly doesn't do that enough with his abs, smile, and charm. So, let's celebrate the man that is Robbie Amell (after all, April 21 is his birthday), by looking at some of the times he couldn't help but gush about Italia Ricci. Warning: swoon-worthy moments follow.

When He Called Italia His "Best Friend"

In an interview with Hollywood Life, Amell talked about his engagement and what the future holds. He said, "When we got engaged, I said, I’m marrying my best friend. It’s totally true. We do everything together, we have so much fun, and now we’ve got the rest of our lives to do that.”

When He Talked About Their Wedding

Amell isn't picky about his wedding day. He told People, "It's entirely up to her. I want it to be the best day of her life."

When His Engagement Left Him Breathless

This picture is definitely worth a thousand words.

When He Wished Italia A Happy Birthday

As the above caption reads, Amell calls Ricci "the most beautiful girl in the world." I told you there'd be major swoon-worthy moments.

When They Celebrated Their Anniversary

Seriously, he can't help but show his fiancée love and kisses on social media — and I adore him even more for it.

When He Expressed How Much He Missed Italia

Even more relationship perfection.

When He Called Her A "Beauty"

I can't handle the cuteness.

When He Really Loved Their Weekends

Do you really need more proof that Amell and Ricci adore one another?