Why Is Chrissy Teigen At The White House Correspondents' Dinner? There May Be A Few Reasons

Exciting news for fans of both Chrissy Teigen and political gatherings! Chrissy Teigen has been invited to the White House Correspondents' Dinner this Saturday, April 25. Though fans of the model are likely thrilled that she will be making an appearance, they might be wondering why she is going to the oft-described "nerd prom."

Teigen herself has not explained specifically why she has an invite to the event, but she will be sitting at the table for Thomson Reuters, which cited her work as a model, particularly with Sports Illustrated. This is not the first time she has been invited to attend the prestigious dinner. She also attended the dinner in 2013 and 2014, so I take it she was a good dinner guest!

It is worth mentioning that this year, her husband has a pretty big responsibility shortly before the big night is underway: "An Evening of John Legend" hosted by Politico. John Legend will perform on the evening before the day of the dinner as part of events to kick off the White House Correspondents' weekend. Legend will also be taking part in a panel discussion on the modern day civil rights movement. This event is all part of Legend's campaign Free America, his activist movement to help end mass incarceration. Since the singer is obviously very politically involved, it's not surprising that he would be invited to the actual dinner itself. And since Teigen is married to him, it's not hard to see why she must have been a shoe-in on the list for the big night, as well.


Teigen is no stranger to activism herself. Alongside Legend, she helped hire food vendors to feed protestors in New York City who were speaking out against the jury decisions in the cases of Michael Brown and Eric Garner back in December 2014. Teigen took to Twitter to provide the locations of the food trucks to her followers.

The model has also spoken out publicly against racist comments said about her. Teigen, who is half Thai and half white, experienced some unfortunate racist slurs recently while just going about her business in Los Angeles, and took to Twitter to alert her followers of the terrible encounter. It's safe to say that Teigen serves as an important voice for people who deal with the same types of insults on a regular basis. If her own activism is part of the reason why she is invited to the dinner, more power to her!

In any case, we know for sure Teigen will have an interesting and funny night ahead of her, if the past is any indication. She has kept her followers entertained in past years with her tweets about the big night, particularly about her "back-up dress" after an unfortunate wardrobe malfunction right before she was supposed to leave for the event back in 2013.

We'll have to stay tuned to hear about her night this time around! Hopefully she gets to wear her first choice dress.

Image: Getty Images