Adam Lambert's 'The Original High' Track List Is Here, So What Might The Songs Be About?

It's an exciting time to be a Glambert: On Tuesday, we finally got to hear Adam Lambert's fantastic new single, "Ghost Town," and his new album, The Original High , went up for pre-order on iTunes! Life is good. The 33-year-old singer's upcoming LP was co-executive produced by Max Martin and Shellback — the pop music geniuses behind many of the tracks on Taylor Swift's critically acclaimed album, 1989 — so you definitely don't want to miss it when it arrives on June 16.

After listening to "Ghost Town" for the 531st time this morning (I'm only slightly exaggerating), I turned my attention to the rest of The Original High's track list. This was my first thought: "Whoa. Tove Lo AND Brian May are featured guests? YES." (My love for Lo is well-documented online.) This was my second thought: “Wow. We're going to be blessed with 13 new Lambert tracks in less than two months? YESSS." Can you even believe it?! The excitement is almost too much for me to bear.

So, what are the songs on The Original High about? Sure, we only have titles to go on at this point, but that's enough to start making some (mostly) educated guesses, right? I'll give it a shot:

1. "Ghost Town"

Adam Lambert on YouTube

We've already heard "Ghost Town," but its lyrics are definitely open to interpretation. Personally, I think the song's about becoming disillusioned with the music industry (which would make sense given Lambert's recent struggles with his former record label, RCA).

2. "The Original High"

I have to believe "The Original High" is about falling in love.

3. "Another Lonely Night"

Womp, womp. Is "Another Lonely Night" the album's first tear-soaked ballad?

4. "Underground"

"Underground" has to be a party track. I'm hoping for something like "Cuckoo."

5. "There I Said It"

"There I Said It" could be about that moment when you accidentally tell a person how you really feel about them. You didn't intend to say it... it just slipped out! Now, you have to deal with the consequences.

6. "Rumors" (feat. Tove Lo)

Leo Es Ro on YouTube

What if "Rumors" is a cover of Lindsay Lohan's 2004 "hit" of the same name? I can almost guarantee that it isn't... but WHAT IF IT IS?

7. "Evil In the Night"

galaxyguy111 on YouTube

I know Lambert said he took a "less is more" approach to The Original High, but song titles don't come much more dramatic than "Evil In the Night"! Perhaps it's a Halloween jam, something like a modern version of "The Monster Mash"?

8. "Lucy" (feat. Brian May)

"Lucy" is probably a tribute to legendary comedian (and gay icon) Lucille Ball.

9. "Things I Didn't Say"

Some things are better left unsaid... and some things you'll spend a lifetime wishing you had said. I suspect "Things I Didn't Say" will touch on that universal struggle.

10. "The Light"

Something tells me "The Light" is an inspirational self-empowerment anthem. Every pop album needs at least one!

11. "Heavy Fire"

I wonder if "Heavy Fire" employs a war metaphor to discuss dealing with harsh criticism from the media, which, as we all know, is a huge part of being a pop star.

12. "After Hours"

With a name like "After Hours," it's gotta be another party track.

13. "Shame"

Lambert has spoken about "feeling ashamed" of being gay in the past — and he's not alone. Unfortunately, many LGBT individuals feel ashamed of their identities at some point in their lives. I think "Shame" could address this sensitive and complex topic.

14. "These Boys"

I'm guessing "These Boys" is a tribute to all of the guys who make fools of themselves trying to catch Lambert's eye when he's out on the town. (Can you blame them? He's a catch.)

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