7 'Sex And The City' Characters You May Have Forgotten All About

Like many women who have a television set, DVD player (or at least access to their friends' HBO Go account), I love Sex and the City . Like, honestly, I'm a super fan here: I've seen the HBO and E! versions of every episode, and I've seen both of the movies, so that alone says I'm fully invested (zing!). I am obsessed with the characters, even, to the point where I've gone back and forth about which Sex and the City character I identify with most. But, of course, the show had more great things to offer aside from the four main ladies: There were plenty of other notable characters on Sex and the City who many fans may have forgotten about.

Sure, guest star characters like Aleksandr, Aidan, Stanford, Anthony, Magda, and Berger all had a major impact on the four core characters' lives — as well as the series as a whole — but there are plenty of other smaller (though just as important) roles that you may have forgotten about. (Don't feel bad about it, there have been a lot of episodes!) Luckily, I am extremely well-versed in Sex and the City, so take this as a reminder of all the great characters that may have slipped your mind:


Maria was Samantha's very serious girlfriend during Season 4. It's hard enough to believe Samantha had more than one serious relationship on the show, but it did happen — and for three whole episodes.


Skipper was on the scene as Miranda's love interest even before Steve was around. He was hopelessly in love with Miranda — and in typical Miranda fashion, she was annoyed to death by the attention. Steve/Miranda 4ever!


Robert was another one of Miranda's boyfriends who didn't stand a chance next to Steve. This dude was pretty much perfect though, I have to admit: He conveniently lived in her building, he was a handsome doctor, he was charming, and he was so in love with Miranda. As much as I love Steve, if Miranda wasn't going to end up with him, her one true love would've had to be this guy.


Even before Samantha's relationship with Maria, her heartbreak with Richard Wright, and her longtime relationship with Smith Jerrod, Samantha actually had a pretty serious relationship with a man named James. She met him at a jazz club and decided to put off sleeping with him until she got to know him better. Then, well... she discovered that he was not exactly well-endowed (which is something that's important to Samantha), and though they attempted couple's therapy, the relationship was quickly over.

Bill Kelley

You may know and love John Slattery from Mad Men , but I know him as the politician who wanted Carrie to pee on him in the bedroom.


Back in Season 3, we saw a budding relationship between Carrie and her new, adorable boyfriend Sean, an openly bisexual man. Carrie said some not-so-cool things about the fact he was bisexual — "I’m not even sure bisexuality exists. I think it’s just a layover on the way to Gay Town," OOF — and then, after a party outing that culminates in her kissing Alanis Morissette, he's never heard from again.


Justin Theroux played Vaughn, Carrie's boyfriend who had some issues in the bedroom — if you remember correctly, she really didn't want to break up with him because she fell in love with his family. (Fun fact: Justin Theroux actually played two different characters in the series: Along with Vaughn, he also portrayed an unnamed friend of Stanford's in Season 1.)

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