Kim Richards Confronts Lisa Rinna About Those Threatening Texts On 'The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills' Secrets Revealed Episode & It Was Worth The Wait

Just when you thought it was safe to turn on Bravo, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills returns for one last hurrah with its special "Secrets Revealed" episode for Season 5. This clip show of unaired footage from the season always comes at the tail end of every Real Housewives franchise and most of Bravo's shows for that matter. The "Secrets Revealed" episode is usually kind of ho-hum because, you know, it is a clip show. However, this episode showed us that fateful meeting when Kim Richards confronted Lisa Rinna about those threatening text messages we heard all about during the Season 5 reunion, and it was a moment so good, it could have been part of the regular season.

Kim shocked us all during the Season 5 finale when she read all of these expletive-filled, aggressive text sent to her from Lisa R. right after Adrienne's party when the two got into it about their feud regarding Lisa R.'s meddling in Kim's "biz-wax." "Be very careful or I will fuck you up" and "You are nasty and you need to stop now," the texts said. Lisa R. apologized for the messages at the reunion, saying that the way Kim shushed her at Adrienne's party reminded her of when her father used to shut her down as a child. Though she was skeptical of Lisa R.'s tears, Kim did eventually accept her apology.

However, this was a far cry from where the ladies stood on the issue when they were in the thick of it. The "Secrets Revealed" episode showed us the fateful meeting between Kim and Lisa R. the day after Adrienne's party, and it went much less well than the reunion, if you can believe it.

Kim took a deep breath before the meeting, which I think we all did with her. I mean, I did, and you should have too because it was about to go down. Kim was pretty freaked out about the texts Lisa R. sent her, which I would be too. I love Lisa R., but the woman does not mess around. She's so real and tough that I believe everything she says. Let's not forget that she did grab for Kim's neck when she brought up Lisa R.'s husband during that disaster of a dinner on the ladies' first night in Amsterdam. So it's understandable that Kim would be unnerved by those aggressive texts.

But can I just ask, if you're genuinely afraid of your safety when you're with someone, why would you meet up with her to discuss feeling threatened in a woodland setting that looks like a horror movie was just filmed there? That makes no sense, Kim. Why did you do that?

Kim just wanted to discuss the matter at hand and for Lisa R. to own what she did. However, Lisa R. was having none of this and brought that moment when Kim started attacking her husband back into the mix, saying that her anger toward Kim stemmed from that moment. Although, we all know that a fire was brewing inside Lisa R. to just blow up at Kim from early on this season.

As you can probably guess, Kim walked away in a huff, not wanting to deal with the direction the conversation was heading in. As usual, another issue went unresolved in Housewives Land. But that's what the reunion is for anyway.

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