Hailey Baldwin's Social Media Game Is On Point

I feel like everyone has those friends who somehow get over a hundred likes on their Instagram pictures, whether it’s a photo of their lunch or a basic selfie. In the celebrity world, that friend is Instagram-famous model, Hailey Baldwin. With over a million followers on Instagram, this social media queen is quickly building up her Klout score.

If you're unfamiliar, a Klout score is a rating that social media users receive accordingly to their social media game. Just to give you a feel for the weight of the Klout scores, Jennifer Lawrence has a 63, Kendall Jenner has an 85, and selfie queen with 27.8 million followers on Instagram, Kim Kardashian, has a score of 89. And even though Baldwin has a significantly less following on Instagram than Kim K., her score of 78 is still pretty impressive — only 11 behind the author of Selfish .

It looks like no one can beat President Barack Obama with his score of 99, but even at 78, Baldwin is extremely humble and amazed when people recognize her in public. She told ELLE about a time when a man noticed her in Time Square, saying, “This guy was like, ‘Hey, Hailey!’ He was a full-on grown-up — in a suit! I thought he was going to be like, ‘I know your dad,’ but instead he was like, ‘I’m a fan of yours from Instagram; can I get a picture?’ I was like, ‘Whaaat?’”

I hope Baldwin continues to maintain her humility because I’m pretty sure her charm is definitely a big part of what keeps her Klout score soaring along with her Instagram followers. Take notes y’all. You don’t need VSCO Cam or a perfect photo of latte art to up your Insta game — it’s all about humility and staying real like Baldwin.

Images: haileybaldwin/Instagram (2)