These Two Cats Are Breaking Up In A Very Loud, Dramatic Way (Oh, He Knows What He Did Wrong. He Knows.) — VIDEO

MEEEE-OUCH! If you think you've been in a bad relationship squabble, you clearly haven't seen this orange cat accusing her partner of infidelity in this dramatic cat breakup. When I say homecat goes in, I mean homecat goes in. She brings everything into the fight: their future plans, her wedding dress, even her former status as a virgin cat, and rightly so. As a female cat, she constantly has to battle the expectations put on her by male cats and must struggle to assert herself against the catriarchy. Male cats operate with the cat-titude that they can get away with anything because of their male cat privilege. Regardless, it's purrfectly okay for her to confront her former lover about his failure to be faithful.

Being cheated on can feel absolutely cat-astrophic, but sometimes the best way to get past this is to just take a mewment and hit the paws button. It's OK to want to yowl out your feelings—you're upset, you've been hurt, it might even feel like you just had your heart clawed out. The most important thing is to keep pawing forward, and know you're much better off without a cat that was willing to take you for granted. You're meow-nificent and don't ever forget it.

Here are 5 more female cats who inspire us daily:

1. Grumpy Cat (aka Tardar Sauce)

We all know Grumpy Cat, but did you know Grumpy Cat is a girl ? That's right, Grumpy Cat inspires us daily with how fiercely she rocks the resting grump face.

2. Duchess

Though Duchess is sleek, refined, and elegant, she shows us it's totally possible to be strong and ladylike. She's definitely a cat we all aspire to be like.

3. Sawyer

Sawyer might not be the most well known cat, but she is definitely important. Sawyer has talent in spades and shows us that it's worth taking risks to follow our dreams.

4. Nala

Okay so she's not technically a cat but Nala is so important because she embodies what it means to be a strong feline. Though Simba is the King of Pride Rock, Nala is without question the backbone.

5. Hello Kitty

OK, so apparently Hello Kitty is actually a girl, but since we're not really buying it she still gets a spot on this list.

Here is the full cat-scolding video below:

Images: Getty Images; Giphy (5)