Reformation's New Line Is Eco-Friendly Chic

Attention, Reformation fans: Reformation is launching a Low Carb Collection, but before you go jumping to conclusions, it's not what you think. It actually means Low Carbon Dioxide. On Wednesday, their new collection will be unveiled, which focuses on using less carbon dioxide in its making, as well as water and other resources.

Reformation is one of the coolest brands out there, making eco-friendly clothing that's also affordable available across the United States. And how exactly will they pull the Low Carb collection off? According to WWD, Reformation "uses lower-impact fabrics like vintage, dead stock, Tencel and Recover recycled yarns; buys from domestic suppliers whenever possible; manufactures in Los Angeles, and purchases renewable energy credits for factory operations. The methodology and data was verified by Clean Energy, a third-party sustainability consulting team."

And along with this new collection, Reformation is also launching Refscale, a tool that shows the impact each item has on the environment, measured by carbon dioxide and water usage. This new tool will be announced on Wednesday, just in time for Earth Day.

This tool will not only keep track of the resources used in the process, but will also highlight how those resources compare to industry standards. According to WWD, it will show how much was saved by shopping from Reformation, too. "It helps us keep our true costs in mind when we make design and business decisions, and motivates us to create better solutions. More importantly, it shows people the total cost of fashion and empowers them to make their own choices," Yael Aflalo, CEO of Reformation, told WWD.

And as if they couldn't win over our hearts any more, the forward-thinking company will plant forests that capture carbon dioxide from the air naturally, and will also invest in clean water initiatives to make up for the CO2 emissions and water used to make their items.

I'm all about responsible shopping and seeing companies with affordable clothes that I love making a difference in the industry's mindset, even if it's only one mind at a time. And while I'd normally never support anything called "Low Carb" (I like my carbs like I like my food: all in my belly) I have no problem giving Reformation my undivided attention and support.

Images: Reformation, @factsapps/Twitter