Selina Meyer Is Def "The World's Best Boss"

by Caitlin Flynn

Veep is finally back and our Sunday nights just improved exponentially. Selina Meyer's life just got better, too: thanks to the First Lady's mental breakdown, everyone's favorite fictional VP is now officially Madame President. Selina is many things, including ambitious, stubborn, impeccably dressed, and unintentionally hilarious. Julia Louis-Dreyfus is hands-down the star of Veep, but the supporting cast of her staff is so strong that it's nearly impossible to pick one MVP (although my vote would be Ben and my sympathy vote would go to Gary).

Now that Selina has landed her long-coveted role as Prez, the stakes are higher and there are even more opportunities for her to screw up in the national spotlight. The pressure's on (for both Selina and her staff) and in Sunday's episode, she flew off the handle at her meek, long-suffering assistant Gary. Then Gary did the unthinkable: for the first time in Veep history, he stood up to Selina and told her a thing or two about how invaluable he is as an employee. He even called her out for not knowing her own daughter's birthday (poor Catherine! Can we please see more of her this season?). "I'm your calendar. I'm your Google. I'm your Wilson the Volleyball!" he declared. Way to go, Gary! We didn't know you had it in you.

But that's not to say Selina is a total failure as a boss. Here are a few examples of her many admirable leadership qualities.

She Is Patient

Selina wants to hear everything you have to say.

She Gives Clear Instructions

Selina helpfully includes punctuation when giving directions to her employees.

She Shares Her Wisdom With Her Staff

Everyone, remember that next time you're considering going to the gym.

She Asks Her Assistant For His Opinion

Everyone appreciates a boss who asks your opinion. So, did Simon mingle with Garfunkel? You never gave us an answer, Gary!

She Makes Reasonable Requests

Everything Selina asks for is totally doable.

She Politely Requests Everyone's Attention

When Selina has something to say, she will politely request that you drop everything and listen to her.

She Commands Authority

Selina will let you know exactly where you stand in comparison to her. (Spoiler alert: you actually shouldn't be standing. You should be on your knees because she's Vice President of the United States.)

She Stays Calm In A Crisis

Selina stays calm even when she's forced to give constructive criticism during a crisis. Okay, she gives criticism. Maybe we're just missing the "constructive" part.

She Encourages Everyone Else To Stay Calm

Keep Calm and Insult Your Employees. (When does Selina find the time to watch daytime television?)

She Provides Helpful Analogies

Have you ever heard the words "croissant" and "dildo" used in the same sentence? Me either. Not to worry, Selina will kindly explain her analogy to you if you look confused: "It doesn't do the job and it makes a fucking mess." Noted.

She Has A Clear Understanding Of Social Media

Word to the wise: Posting videos of Selina to Tumblr is an offense that will get you kicked off Selina's plane. Just ask Jonah.

No, Really, She's Great With Social Media

Just let it go, Jonah. Selina doesn't care what a meme is.

She's A Great Role Model

Everyone wants a boss they can look up to. Selina sets a positive example for any staff who are crazy enough to admire her.

She's Brutally Honest

A little brutal honesty never killed anyone. Selina's staff is blessed with her critiques of everything from their intelligence levels to their faces.

But that's not to say she doesn't give a kind compliment once in awhile.

Someone get Selina a "World's Best Boss" mug as soon as possible. She'd be super grateful (maybe).

Images: HBO; title2come, tvhousehusband, sarit, televisionwithoutpity, workingatanonprofit/Tumblr; Giphy (7)