Carter & Crash Kissed On 'Finding Carter', But They're Not The Only Awful Pairing

Clearly there's nothing like an FBI raid, a house party, and a "conscious uncoupling," to bring new and old 'ships together. On Tuesday night's Finding Carter , Crash and Carter kissed and basically confirmed that CarCrash is making a comeback in Season 2. (Awesome.) But they weren't the only couple to put their money where their mouths are during this week's episode and disappoint just about everyone. Taylor and Ofe also locked lips and started a new 'ship that just ruined everything for Maxlor fans. And parents of the year, Elizabeth and Kyle, brought their affair back into the mix. Because we definitely have time for romantic drama right now.

Look, it was really nice that Crash came through with that money so that Carter could self-destruct and offer Lori a second chance. OK, fine, it really wasn't that nice, but I don't think Crash really realized how much harm he was doing at the time. (Wow, I'm being such a Carter right now.) But that doesn't, by any means, mean that CarCrash should get back together on Finding Carter Season 2. It's been painful enough watching Crash and Max hang out after he SHOT MAX FOR NO REASON, it'd be worse if Finding Carter fans have to deal with these two playing with their morals for the rest of this season. Nothing good can come from CarCrash getting back together — unless he's going to get rid of Lori and her creepy ex-boyfriend.

Aside from CarCrash's emotional moment, both Elizabeth and Taylor delivered major face-palm moments on Tuesday night. Ofe's a nice guy and all, but Maxlor is Finding Carter's OTP. And, really, we all need to be perfectly honest with ourselves, Ofe, and Taylor when we say that Ofe is 100 percent Taylor's rebound guy. There really doesn't seem to be anything more to this 'ship than that, but I wouldn't put it past Ofe to win us all over. Unfortunately, I can't say the same for Kyle and Elizabeth's extremely unnecessary kiss that Grant was unlucky enough to bear witness to. She's been separated from David for a week and she just realized that Grant is having a hard time, it's definitely not the best time to start this affair again. C'mon, Elizabeth, be a parent for once.

Basically, everyone on Finding Carter is kind of screwed. And, for all of us fans out here, it's going to be really hard to pick a 'ship we like less than these. Ugh.

Image: MTV